Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday funnies...

Alrighty, today, since it’s FRIDAY I thought I would have a light hearted
{quick because I’m running off to Michael’s to use a 40% coupon that’s about to expire}
post that is just so very me.  Well, it’s just so very “my children” but that’s why it’s so me.  Those poor things can’t help but be “me” sometimes.

I’m leaving you with some tidbits of funnies that came out of their mouths this week.

Lil man :

I overheard a conversation with Lil Man and a Praying Mantus…amoung the gasps of amazement from him, he said… And picture him saying this in a 7 year-old quiet ninja master voice.

I’ve got you now Praying mantus…  
{no he didn’t}
What should I do with You?

Crush you?  Put you into the fire?
{There is no fire}
Water you?

I really wish I could have gotten a pic of it.  Lil man was kneeling up on the kitchen counter watching him through the window.  Our house is older and has the windows that roll out and Mr. Praying Mantas was balanced on the window’s edge.

Contiunue conversation…

I have the power of the Mantus….{whispers} he crushed you…he’s ugly… {loud, normal, inquisitive Lil Man voice} Hey what if an exterminator came in?  Praying Mantus, he’s coming
He looked at me..he looked at me..I fink he licked his face!


The other day I asked Ethan if he needed a new deoderant.  I told him he better let me know so he doesn’t stink.

Ethan: “You stink when you don’t wear it?”
Me:  Yah, it’s all about your body changing and preparing for puberty.
Ethan:  “Really?”
Me:  “Yah, if Po and I went without deodorant the entire room would know.”  I paused for a moment and laughed, “Well, not Po he never smells with all of his glistening and such.”
Ethan:  “Oh…so Po hasn’t hit puberty yet then?”


Moi came home with these awful jokes that her friend was dying over.  First off they weren’t funny…they were closer to sad and just lacking.  Sort of when your kid starts trying to make up their own jokes and they just don’t quite make the mark.  Well, Moi was telling us them and that she couldn’t believe her friend thought they were funny because they were just plain…duhh

One of them was,
“What did the boy with no arms & no legs get for Christmas?”
We all just start laughing….

Busy:  “Well did he?!”

Bless her heart, she really wanted that boy to have prosthetics…we spent the rest of the night yelling that out every time she walked into the room.  We’re supportive like that.  {wink}


We had the missionaries over for dinner the other night.  Hanna decided to get a little “feisty” with her sister.
{Okay, so there was major attacking involved.}
Well, I have been known to jump in and dis-arm children in the midst of battle.  I did exactly that.  Several, several…several times…
{they were SO hyper that night}

I was standing in the kitchen doorway that leads to my craft room, that is attached to the living room.  I was blocking said door to not allow Hanna back in to beat her sister publicly…again…

Hanna looks me with her taunting grin.  I look back at her with my own, “Don’t push me woman,” I said to Hanna with a smirk, “You know I can out run you.”
 {Let's be honest, the kid is taller than me now....there was doubt in my mind...serious doubt.}

Hanna replied with a sneering grin, 
“I’d like to see you try.”

Oh man, I ran so fast snatched her right up off the ground and tossed her on the couch.  
 {It was a shinning moment…truly glorious}
She was in a fit of hysterical laughter and says, “You still can’t get me!”  Wait?  What?!

No one can rival that child’s sense of pride!


Moi was feeling punky and lying in the recliner near my craft room in Pajamas.  The other kids had walked by several times.

Moi changed into regular clothes because she realized she had a prior engagement.

Busy walks by.  “Why’d you change?”
Moi, “I wanted to be more comfortable.”
Busy, with a confused look leaves the room without further discussion.  Moi looks up at me with a grin, “I really enjoy my roll as the big sister.”


While talking with Bailey,
{the one in college a bazillion miles away} 
I told her something another bloggy person did to me that wasn’t very nice.
{Stop wondering I’m certain it wasn’t you or anyone you know.} wink

Her response was this:

Wow what a brat…we shall go throw eggs at her blog!”   

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  1. True awesomeness - you kids are just awesomeness:)
    Happy Friday Friend:)
    Feel better and can't wait to find out what you got at Michael's.

  2. i really love the egg comment LOL :) thanks for sharing!

  3. I love this. Sounds like nothing but fun times at your place. Kids can be so funny can't they? Mine are pretty hilarious too but I forget things very easily. :)


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