Thursday, October 20, 2011

Copy Cat Post...Confessions...

Sorry for the double post today.  I didn’t realize I was double booked.  
{Haha! That makes me sound important so I’m just gonna go with it!}

I can give you the day off tomorrow if you want me to!  
{How 'bout I'll think about it.  wink}

So, lil Miss Nay and I are at it again.  We thought it would be fun to do another “Copy Cat Post” Last week I noticed a few of you that jumped on the 50 questions post idea.  That was so much fun!  Why when I read someone else’s is it totally entertaining and not nearly as drag out long as crud as mine was?

This time Nay put me in charge of the theme and in the spirit of always telling on myself I chose “Dorky Confessions”.  Well, I don’t think dorky was involved until I actually wrote mine…hehe

Haha! {still giggling}  snicker…okay.  I’m totally going to confess something ridiculous and you can all JUDGE me.  Anyone who knows me knows I really don’t care.  I march to the beat of my own drum…even if there’s no drum. {wink}

So, Monday I had a horrible headache starting.  I get migraines and so I didn’t want it turning into one of those.  I wanted to write but I didn’t want to focus on all of the lil words just yet because they hurt my brain.  I also didn’t want to bring in my computer from the craft room into the bedroom.  My back also has been giving me crud so I needed to chill on my heating pad {yah, I know …I’m such a grandma} and do something that would allow me to be interrupted.  Huh?  Well, not only can I not look at small print when my brain aches but I can’t write when the kids are in and out.  I get into this incredible “zone”.  I literally go into the world I’m writing.  With Mp3 player in my ears and words flowing fluidly from my fingertips kids crashing in is like waking me up when I just fell asleep… 


So, I write when the kids are so busy they won’t interrupt or when they’re sleeping.  I sat on my bed.  {sulking a lil} 
Po walked out.
He came back with my computer, and heating pad.  He plugged me all in and then grinned.  “You should play your game.” He said with a smile.

I laughed, “No, I’m just a dork face.”
“Play your game.  It makes you smile when you decorate.” He said as he smiled again.

He kissed my forehead then you know what I did?

I Played FARMVILLE!  Oh, yes I did!

What’s even better is that I really didn’t play I just decorated for Halloween!  I totally saw the comment on Facebook the other day about their Farmville confessions and how they wished they could get that time back.  Would you like to know why I didn’t comment?  Because I'm the only one thinking I wish had more time to play it! Haha!  
{I feel so free right now! Wink}
I have insomnia.  Sometimes it’s worse than other times.  Farmville was perfect.  Sure I haven’t played in months but I think it’s great. 
{Now, I blog when others sleep}
But Farmville is free and cute and helps when I can’t sleep or can’t write yet, but my back is mad at me.  It’s there for me and I had forgotten that.  Haha!  Okay that was overboard but still it’s not like I clog up my wall or anyone elses with it.  I’m a considerate farmer.  Well, when I was a farmer.  How I miss you…. {sniff} 

I wish I had more time to play it.  {I’m such a dorkwad}  But as long as you don’t let it take you over {any game for that matter} then I think they’re very therapeutic.  It’s all about moderation. 
{And being stuck in bed for a few hours!  But still it was nice}
{I can totally see my GFC going down as I write this post.} Haha!

Hey you guys never said I had to be cool to blog right?  Right?

I just thought I would tell you that, because I had so much fun doing nothing for a lil bit the other night while I waited for my headache to thankfully get better instead of worse.  {Good meds} wink.

Wait, I hear a drum…I better go follow it! Wink

Cover to Cover

Now go sneak over and read Nay's Copy Cat Post
{Hint:  hit her new typewriter button she's so excited about!}




  1. Love it! Now I know you are def part of my weird made-it-all-by-myself family - you're into Farmville...My hubby would be proud!
    And thank you for my AWESOME new button! Look at it people! She made it from my weird description and still put together what I wanted!!! Yay Pidgy!

  2. I love how straightforward you are, makes it all a lot more fun to read!

  3. LOL LOL LOL! That was totally MY comment on fb! I'm not going to lie...I LOVED Farmville when I played it...but then realized I was sickly addicted when I would set my alarm to wake up at 3 in the morning to pick my virtual wheat ;) Do what makes ya happy girl!

  4. I am an insomniac too! I blog when i cant sleep and i play the sims, not farmville but close! Quick question, do you ever have a hard time remembering things because of the insomnia? Because i do and its annoying and i just didnt know if you had any tips

  5. Hahaha!!! I used to be addicted to farmville and Sorority Life. It was bad... Like Lacee bad. But it taught me to appreciate nature more. Will you be my neighbor? My farm is probably a deadly mess. I haven't visited in a very, very long time. :) Po is the sweetest!! I'm sorry you suffer from Migraines and Insomnia... not fun. I've had chronic headaches and insomnia since I was little. Seems to have gotten better slowly. Scary, I know... something else we have in common. I swear we were cloned in heaven. ;)

  6. I would have never guess you to be a Farmville addict. I'm so ashamed...(kidding of course) I think it was so awesome Po got your stuff for you, plugged it in and told you to basically relax by playing though. So sweet!

  7. Ok, I have NEVER played farmville. I need to try it :)
    You are adorrrable!

  8. I never played Farmville either, mainly because my FB friends feed got on my nerves - they've since been hidden and I don't hear from them anymore ;-) Sorry to be a party pooper.


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