Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Back in the day..

Linkin' up again today with Nicole from
{I really don't have to tell you this but at first I typed "Trees 4 me"}
And now I'm still laughing...cuz that's just how I roll.  

Today's small business topic:  
Your first sale! 

Umm…YAH I totally remember my first sale.  I had just opened PidgApeg {my only shop at the time} and was listing things.  I got to about the sixth item and then went to look at my shop.   
With tearful pride welling up in my throat {just trickin’} I went to look at my shop.  There were two items missing.  I was so stressed out!  I’m thinking, really?  REALLY?  Etsy ate them and I don’t even know what I did to erase them.

I looked everywhere, I mean everywhere!   
I was so mad
 I had about fifteen more items to list and I wasn’t about to invest in the time of listing when Etsy was going to steal those items and lock them away 
in some Etsians with no talent vault.

And then I stopped. 

I took my hands off the keyboard and stared at that little menu tab 
“Items Sold”.   
No, I thought to myself.  That’s not even possible.  This is my first day, only six items listed, that doesn’t happen.
 {To me anyway.}

I held my breath and clicked the tab.  Holy freakin’ cow I sold two items just like that!  What?!   
THAT is when I screamed out loud to myself and then called my husband to scream at him! 
I packaged those puppies up and drove to the post office so fast.  Over-achiever?  Perhaps, but they actually paid me for stuff while I was sitting in my on house {probably in sweats} with virtually no effort. 
 It wasn’t, oh they bought my stuff after I had sat behind a table at a craft fair for 2 stinkin' days….{they better flippin’ buy my stuff….grumble…}


And so it began; my love affair with Esty.

Working from home, doing what I love while earning money to help my family.  Being there when the kids got home so I can yell at them when they fight; all while working…that’s the life people, I’m telling you!

Incidentally, I still scream at my husband when I make a sale.  Remember the two words I use most often when describing my wonderful husband, Po? 
Tolerant and Patient …that’s my man!

Thanks again Nicole for inspiring the link up for small bid-ness.  I have definitely found some new blogs I heart and received new followers.




  1. Hahahaha!!!!!!! You crack me up! This is sooo funny!!! What a great story you have to tell. I love it! Your stuff is beautiful why wouldn't it happen to you? :)

  2. That's too funny! I thought the same thing. I didn't realize that they deleted the items once sold. Great post!!!

  3. I can *totally* (yes, the "valley" girl is coming out today!) see you screaming at Po! What a wonderful man! and you? YOU! You are awesomest...because you know if I could, I would be going broke buying your stuff!

    See? I read your bloggy today - xoxo

  4. Bwahaha, I love this story! How funny you thought it was Etsy's fault and something to be mad about :D

  5. I am a new follower from the link party! I love your humor!

  6. You are so cute and so funny!! I am SO GLAD I found your blog! Thanks for sharing your cute story! You are beautiful and I am your newest follower! :)

  7. Oh gosh! I thought the exact same thing!!! I was so upset when I checked my shop after a couple sales and found my items missing. I was like "Whaaaa????" Lol. :D

    Newest follower!

  8. lol... funny story, this is what i love about your blog, the humor always crack me up!

  9. WHAT ON EARTH!!! I've never heard of someone selling ANYTHING that quickly!!! HOLY MOLY!!! That's nuts!! Hahaha I was laughing at your "Etsians with no talent" comment!! That's amazing!!


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