Tuesday, October 18, 2011

10 Words to Communicate with Children

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{Her's is hilarious bytheway!}

10 words we made up or designed to be more efficient for our family.  These words are also used to help bring you and your children to a better level of communication. {wink}

1. Anxish
To be so anxious that another similar word needs to be created. 
{Involves anxiety, pacing and giggling from unsupportive bystanders in your own family.}
{Why are you so anxish? 
Mom will never know who really did it.}

2. Sitchinario
A situation and scenario usually involving serious expressions and extreme sarcasm.
{I would have hated to be in that sitchinario.  Mom looked really mad.}

3. Disgrossting
Disgusting and gross.  Usually something found at the dinner table by a lil person that they find unedible.
{I’m not eating that casserole.  That’s disgrossting.}

4. Beautimous
Beautiful and Woundermous; closely related to fantabulous.
{Your son makes such beautimous drawings for your fridge.}

5. Wondermous
Wonderful and Beautimous {see how that works? Nice right}
{My bloggy bff is so wondermous.  I actually put her in my phone as Wondermous Nay.}

6.  Nemo
To go number 2 in the bathroom.   
{I have to take a nemo.}
{Yah, this is what happens when 2 teenage girls decide to start their own dictionary.}

7. Discombobbled
A more advanced stage of being discombobulated.
{I can’t clean my room right now.  I’m just too discombobbled.}

8. Confungled
And extreme “sitchinario” of confusion.  Usually related to being tongue tied or unable to make your brain function properly.
{Roald Dahl actually can take credit for that one.  We just supplied the definition.}
{I can’t do my homework.  I’m too confungled.}

9. Fidget
Used to replace any inappropriate word; designed to fulfill the extreme desire to cuss. 
{Fidget!  That hurt when my sister threw me into the door frame!}

10. Magic Microwave
A microwave that when in proper use is opened by sneaky children finding a freshly baked cake they are not supposed to know about.
{“Hey, I’m hungry.”  “Me too.  Mom’s asleep.  Let’s go see if we have any snacks in the magic microwave.”}
{It’s a must have.  Very convenient for those friends who love to just drop by.}

I hope that in the end these words will bring you closer as a family.  It’s nice to speak to your children on a level they understand. {wink}

Have a wondermous Tuesday!

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  1. My favorites: {of course} wondermous and NEMO!!! Think I'll start using that one with the kiddies:) I linked up too...is there somewhere to put your linky up or comment on Miss Mommy's?

  2. LOL!! Oh my lord I am DYING over the "Nemo"!!!!! My son started a conversation about having to go #1 the other day. He was like...#1 is pee, #2 is poop, #3 is diarrhea...he had to think awhile on #4 then decided that #4 meant you needed to put a diaper on...hahahaha! So when my hubs got up to use the bathroom Carter said, "Uh oh dad, hope it's not a #4!!!" What a disgrossting combo right? ;)

  3. Nemo was my favorite! My mom and I still have made up words we use that my brother made up over 30 years ago! They stuck!

  4. I really love the magic microwave! That is awesome!! I wish someone would leave me surprises in my microwave!

  5. Andi you are so clever. :) I wish I had a magic microwave. :) These are great.

  6. Ah! I have a magic microwave too!!! Except it started out as a place dogs couldn't reach the goodies. hahaha I truly love reading your blog, Pidg. It's an escape from the fidgetting, confungled bloggy world full of giveaway crazed people. Causes me such anxish!

  7. i agree... the magic microwave is awesome... love it! XO


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