Tuesday, October 25, 2011

10 Reasons for Zero Inspiration to Post today..

1.     I’m hungry and can’t find what I really want.
{Yes my world revolves around food.  Believe it or not, my stomach speaks louder than my words.  Really.}

2.     My kids keep coming in and out of both doors to my room. 
{At this point I am more inspired to peel off my own skin.  Maybe not... 
{knock, knock Maybe so.}

3.  My brain is fried.  Monday was busy, Tuesday, busier. 
{I just want to make stuffed pumpkins.  Lil stuffed and chunky, pumpkins…sniff.}

4. I had a dream about the “current” book I’m working on; well, the current book I haven’t been working on.  I haven’t had the time to write lately.  It’s killing me.  I love to post and check in with you guys but there are characters literally waiting to see what they do next. 
{I owe them.  And they’re probably really hungry just like me right now} wink

5. It’s cold.  My inspiration is based on a warm house.  Spoiled?  {snicker}

6. I have another job interview.  I might barf.
{Not at the interview….grin}

7. Today I went to take my dingoes {freakin’ sled dogs} out and they pulled me off the porch bypassing 4 stairs and I saw my life flash before my eyes.   
{Turns out it was pretty anticlimactic}  
 But I thought I was going head first into the gravel.   
{I didn’t.} 
But my body is screaming at me and making fun of me.  The landing was far from graceful.  So, I’m sulking on my heating pad again. 
{I can’t spend time on inspiration when I’m focusing on sulking.   
It’s an unwritten law.}

8. In the back of my brain I’m still thinking about the mini paper pumpkins I need to make for the boy’s classes. 
{Huh?  Am I working on them?  No, just thinking about them.  It wouldn’t be proper procrastination if I was actually working on them…wink}

9. I’m texting Nay and that is more inspiring than writing a witty post.   
{She’s wittier than me tonight, so I’m having a good time.  But I realize it bites for those of you reading this right now…giggle}

10. I’m still hungry. 
{The end.}

Yes, I promise to work on my pumpkins, and the lil paper ones for the boys, and write and …my attitude! wink

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  1. Well, those are some darn good reasons!! lol~ Glad you didn't actually eat gravel when your dogs pulled you off your porch!

  2. Great list. I'm always hungry, too, so I can see why you listed that as a reason twice.

  3. Great post! Made me smile. Hope you find something to eat soon ;) Have a great day.

  4. I'm too tired to think of what to say. But I'll take the time to say goodmorning lol =)

  5. i hear ya...some days are just blah! Hope the rest of your week gets better!!

  6. I hate when my house is cold, too! I have to cuddle under a blanket, but then I get warm and cozy and want to sleep. Double-edged sword.

  7. lmbo! i hear you about the food thing. don't expect anything from me until i'm fed.


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