Thursday, September 22, 2011

You're Irresistibly Sweet!

Nay has done it's award time!
I can’t believe I was awarded this sweet honor. 
I would like to thank the academy I mean
The most entertaining blogger and the blogger that is most easily entertained by me!
Nay from

 I still can’t believe I get awards with this blogging gig.  This never happens at home…I mean I have won
“Doer of the Dishes” on several occasions actually
And there was that time I received “Winner of the Washer”
Oh and “Tiara of the Trash-Taker-Outer”
I did receive the award “I ate the most-est of the Hostess” more than a few times.
And the joy of being the “The Birth of Mirth” and my all time favorite
“Princess of the Pooper-scooper”  that one actually makes me well up with tears.
“Winner of Cooking Dinner” “Blessed with the Messed” and
“Screaming, Reaming Mother of the Teenage War award”  that one …truly touching.
You know, this really is nice to take the time and reflect on my many awards throughout the years of Motherhood….so very blessed {wink}
I need tissue

So with that sappy walk of glory out of the way
Here are the rules….
 Thank and link to the person who nominates you -
{Gotter done!  Huh?  You missed it?  It’s RIGHT up there!  Fine.}
{Umm…yah I totally made that up.  But you can still click}

Share 7 Random Facts about yourself.

1. My husband still gives me “flutterbys” when he looks at me.

2. My mom is my best friend.  {She made me say that!} It’s an inside joke…but it’s true…she still made me say it.  I’ll blog on it soon.  Hi Mama!

3. You know those satin edges you put on baby blankets?  Well we call them “wubbies”.  I still have a blanket I keep with me that has that and I have to rub my fingers on it.  {Mama used to rub that edge on my cheek when I was a baby and I guess it stuck.  Maybe that’s why she’s my best friend.  Wink}

4. Really this is only #4?  Umm…My last name is German it means King of the Hill.  {My husband gave it to me}

5. I didn’t want to have any kids at all.  I wanted a career in the Military.  Now I have 6 kids and formed my own regime…they’re not as disciplined as I had hoped though.
{ Mental Note: Push off taking over the world until 2012.}

6. My favorite ice cream is Rocky Road

7. I am lactose-not-so-tolerant.  Rocky Road ice cream doesn’t like me back.

I bet you feel closer to me already.  Hey?  Where did everybody go?

Pass this award to five new blogging friends -
…and the award goes to:


Thanks again Nay...she always makes my day...especially because that rhymes....and she tolerates when I think I'm funny.  
{I'm funny...right?  Nay?  Nay? Hahaha...Okay, I'm done...} 




  1. Seriously, how do you live with yourself??? You are so funny!! And hey, I have all those awards too. :)

  2. You have that {not too many get it, but I do} kinda humor! Just LIKE ME!!!! Love ya!

  3. Ohhhh oooooh ooooh! How exciting!! Thanks chica!



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