Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What kind of Mom are you?

Did you miss me? 
{Wait don’t answer that.  I don’t like the smirk on your face.}

Okay, so today I am linking up with the lovely Leilani from
 I just loved her last post on the type of Mom she is…so without further delaying, procrastination and ohmygosh hurry the kids have an early dismissal day and will be home from school in 2.5 seconds…here goes…

I’m the type of Mom that…

-Breastfed all of my babies
-Shared my bed with all of my babies…sometimes more than one at a time…okay often more than one child at a time…Oh, wait come to think of it, they still dog pile in my bed every chance they get
-Jumped for joy when they went into Kindergarten; then cried when I saw them walk away
-Goes to the bus stop every morning even though it’s at the end of our driveway; simply because it’s just a few more moments they want me to spend with them
-laughs when I’m mad at them because I give them the authority to be awful and funny at the same time
-pulls the mom card on my best friends without them feeling betrayed because they know it’s my  
God given right 
 to look after them
-has midnight snacks with my kids who share my insomnia
-sneaks them out occasionally super late to run to Jack in the Box dollar menu because it’s 
-threatens to beat them when they don’t do their chores; then does their chores and feels blessed I am granted the opportunity to serve them
-learns daily from my babies
-checks on them still in the middle of the night
-Improvises to the fullest extent of any given situation
-Stays up way too late with my babies just talking about nothing
-Doesn’t get enough work done for the time I spend with my kids.  They often need to talk  
sometimes about less than important things} 
but they ALWAYS need to be heard.   
{That’s where I come in}
-keeps them close because I know of loss
-talks to my baby girl in college daily because I know of closeness
-still kisses them on the forehead 
-gives them more sweets than they should have
-gives in too much on the little stuff
-meets them at the bus and is blessed to get hugs from each of them including my middle school and high school girls {Yes! Right in front of the entire bus loaded with their peers.  Incidentally, they do that at school too AND yell “I love you Mama!” across the parking lot.}
-aches when they ache
-laughs when they laugh
-misses them terribly when they’re gone
-counts carbs even when my diabetic child isn’t with me
-remembers each year the two dates of my two miscarriages
-has spiritual thought coupled with family prayer each night but gets excited for the spiritual insight they give back to me
-loves to sit back and watch who they are becoming daily
-is blessed beyond measure I was allowed to make a partnership with my Heavenly Father to raise these amazing human beings
-loves unconditionally because that is all they have ever shown me
-would do it all again

What kind of Mama are you?

P.S.  I'm sorry I haven't really been inspired to blog lately.  We have a lot of kind of major things in the works and I'm climbing back up the ladder of  {focus, focus, focus!} which as you know is {difficult, difficult, difficult! wink}  Be patient I'll be back to entertain soon.  But a post that I can talk about my babies...that's always tempting!




  1. Andi Darling,
    YOU are fabulous!!! Blowing kisses... xoxo

  2. Love this!
    You're a great mama!

    I still check on them in the middle of the night tooo... (well, the nights they aren't IN my bed!!)

  3. Great post! Following you back!

  4. I hope my girls will still hug and kiss me when they're in middle school and high school! You're a lucky mama to have such wonderful kids, and they're equally as lucky to have you. Thanks for linking up!

  5. i am your newest follower. found u thru soleil selene's blog. hello!

  6. Great post! Following you now - found you through soleil selene's link up!

  7. Thanks for the follow - following you back! Love this post! My toddler sleeps with us (I was too paranoid when he was a baby, haha), and it's hard to break it, now. He's fun to cuddle with, though. :)

  8. following you back from soleil selene :) :)


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