Saturday, September 24, 2011

The super glue incident

So, this is what happened over the weekend when the kids were at Mr. B’s.  My brilliantly wonderful Hanna; the one with intelligence pouring from her brain yet colored with an over-abundance of ADHD got super glue in her eye. 
{Yah, I know.  If you know Hanna it seems so right doesn’t it?} 
I still can’t figure out how she did it even when she tells me first hand.

Moi was helping her flush her eye.  Most of it was just on her face.  Hanna was of course crying partly because she was scared and partly out of embarrassment.  Mr. B, hearing the commotion, yelled several times from the couch in the living room, “What’s wrong?”
{No, he didn’t get up.}

Finally Moi got tired of the yelling and told him he should come and see.  Basically there was a hysterical, over-reaction, argumentative several moments {not by Moi} until Mr. B grabbed Moi by the arm {Haven’t I mentioned my Moi is a small thing?} and literally threw her out of the bathroom tossing her into the hallway.  Busy was on the outside of the bathroom witnessing it and Hanna witnessed it {with one eye} from inside the bathroom.

Long story short.

Moi has bruises in the shape of fingertips on her bicep.  No one can help and no one seems to take it as serious as we do.  Sure I’ve ‘removed’ my children from situations but bruising?  That’s not alright.  Yelling and telling them the horrible things that were said to her?  Not alright.  Well, I was told by someone I feel has authority that all I can tell you is, “Try to avoid any confrontation.”  What the?  Did you just tell that to me and my daughter? 
 As if she caused this to be done? 

You know what came to mind immediately?  When a woman/girl is raped and they immediately ask what she was wearing; placing the blame on her.   

Never, is it acceptable to take away a child’s rights and physically harm them.   
Avoid confrontation? 
 Do you know what I’ve done for 15 years?   
 Let me say this with clarity…
 It simply isn’t possibly nor is his agency in my control.  If that were the case, our marriage would have lasted.

I’ll be honest.  What I share here and what I’ve told others is the frost, not the blizzard.  My parents, my closest friend, my husband do not know what I’ve gone through the several years I was married to this man.  It would break them.  I promise you.  It almost broke me.  I didn’t fight back, document, say out-loud or even whisper a plea of help.  I tried to save my marriage.   
But my children, that’s a whole different ball game.   
They’re my everything
How weak is the man that picks on women and children?

We think we have someone who is willing to listen.  Willing to document these happenings and not judge my daughter, who is a minor, as if she were the one to release rage from a grown {largely grown might I add} man. 

We haven’t lost hope.  We just got knocked down a few steps.   
But we’re okay…as long as we’re together. 




  1. {{speechless}}
    well I have words from Mr. B, but not at all appropriate...I'm here if you need me

  2. I don't know how I missed this. I will email you later. I just wrote out a long comment and Dakota came up behind me, touched something and erased the entire thing. ugh.

  3. I've never LOATHED someone so much in my life. Please tell me that he is one of the Raugs in Stealth? Cuz he really should be in that category of creature. Yuck. Love you and love Moi.


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