Friday, September 9, 2011


The other day Busy told me something that made me think.  She said, “Mama, you know those people who grew up in hard times like the War and the Depression?”

“Um…yah.”  I responded waiting to see where this was going.

“Well,” she continued, “You’re like one of those people.  You use everything.  You try not to waste and you always try and re-use anything you can.”  She paused for a moment, deep in thought as she sat with me at the kitchen table.  “I wonder why that is?”

“Um…that’s because we’re poor huh.”  I said with a grin.

Okay so through the laughter there is some truth to that.  However, I honestly thought that was a super-cool compliment.  I mean, I didn’t grow up wanting for anything.  If anything I grew up with more than I needed, far more.  But through raising kids and trying times I have learned to use, re-use, conserve and simplify.  Some of it is definitely because we have only one solid income. 

Back in Maryland, before I met Po I had been working single mom style.  I had my 6 kids and had taken in 2 older teenage girls.  One of them, Shayze I had on and off since she was 14.  We lived in Southern Maryland in a po-dunk town.  D.C. was the nearest place I could get a job with my work background.  But it was about an hour and twenty minutes away. 

{Way too far away if something happened with the kids}

So I had to settle for local work.  I worked as a shift manager for 3rd shift at one job then jumped across the street (literally) to a grocery store where I worked 1st shift.  It was busy, hard and physically demanding.  But work is work and we made it because of those jobs. 

Here, in NC, we came out with 7 kids.  I went back to work a little closer to what my job history was; HR and office.  Not long after being here Shayze decided to go back to Maryland.

{Yes, she was old enough so I had to let her go}

She had been watching Lil Man while I was at work and he was just shy of Kindergarten.  Po and I decided instead of daycare I needed to come home.  That was hard. 

I love, love, love to work. 

But, I love, love, love my kids more. 

Then after they were all in school I went to work in Advertising…office again…heck yes!  
 Well, after several promptings of the “Still Small Voice” I knew and my husband knew I was not supposed to be at work. 

{Things were falling apart at the house}  

Several instances had happened and I just kept selfishly ignoring that prompting.  On the day I had agreed with my husband to give my notice I sat at my desk contemplating.  Hmm, I thought; just a little while longer.  We do need the money.   An hour later I received a call from Po.  Thankfully it was his day off.  He was on the way to the ER with Ethan and Moi.  The dog had bitten E in the face. 

{I still get the chills when I tell this story}

That was it.  I was prompted, admonished, and pressed that it was time to let go of the job and be home and I had ignored it. 

I grabbed my things and never looked back.  Ethan received a few stitches where the puncture was and the scratches healed…but not my heart.  It was and has been heavy.  I didn’t listen.

Since then I have been, once again, a stay at home mom.  Honestly the thought had never occurred to me that I wouldn’t or shouldn’t go back to a main-stream, full time job once all of my babies were in school.  I thought that was a given.  But in my case it wasn’t. 

Shortly after that I decided go back to work again.  I filled out an application that I had an inside connection to get me the job.  The next day I was in the hospital with Busy.  She was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.  Last year was incredible with doctors, blood sugar, learning that and her newly diagnosed Hypothyroidism.   Not to mention I have one with ADHD and puberty had caused some digression in her progress in school. 

{I mean come on, puberty attempts to kill everyone even on a good day!}

So, with that said and so much more NOT said…I stay at home.  It’s hard sometimes.  I can tell the way people talk to me at times they think I’m lazy.  They laugh when they hear that my kids need me.  They think I “play with crafts” all day.  It’s even harder now because we really do need the extra income.  
I think the real irony is I've felt alright as of late to apply for jobs.  Now, I can't get one.
 So I’m making a push for my shops…but with the hectic life of kids, homework, cooking, cleaning, husband and ex-husband moving in to town…the shops would be better off if my dogs ran them!

{Okay, I’m not quite that bad…yet}

But here’s the thing.  My round about thought that is finally coming back to the point that got me to write this post in the first place…

I am where I need to be. 

I like that we live simply.  I like that we rely on each other for better or for awful, hectic worse. {wink}  I feel closer to my husband and closer to my Father in Heaven because of it.  I feel crafty when I recycle Busy’s diabetic supply boxes into packaging for my shops.  I feel accomplished when I bake everything from scratch and my kid’s friends want to know how.  I like looking at our provident living and being grateful we don’t want more than we need. 

{The kids might beg to differ a little…not all of them though}

I’m glad that they see the difference.  And for the most part, like Busy, they see it as a good kind of unique; that while I didn’t grow up in the Depression or a time of rationing {yet} that we do it because it’s necessary and we do it with a smile.

We have a large financial ‘upset’ coming.  This is the last month things are going to remain as tight as they’ve been.   Now they’ll be even tighter.

“It’s the month of miracles.”  I told the kids.  They looked at me like I was crazy.  “Who said that?” they asked.
“I did.” I replied with a raised eyebrow.   And they just grinned; that faithful, I trust that mad-woman grin.

And if they believe it, then so can I…

Now if you’ll excuse me.  I need to go to work on my shops.  The dogs are making me look bad.





  1. Thank you for sharing your stories. It must be hard sometimes but I'm sure as soon as you see love in your children's eyes, it all disappears ;)

  2. It really does. Those little varmints make it all worth it! Thanks for stopping by again!

  3. I am new to your blog and i love the way you write and express your thoughts. I am a new follower, i hope we can follow each other. My kids and my Hubby are my world, so everything you shared has resonated with my heart.

    Lisa x

  4. Lisa thank you for your sweet words! I just hopped on to your blog. I love the thought of taking time out to pause. I need to really remember that one. It's so nice to meet people out there who have strong love for their family!

  5. I loved this. I can relate to you with the finances, trusting God, trying hard to make ends meet and knowing I belong at home with my kids. I love reading your posts and knowing I am not alone. You are a very inspiring woman!

  6. You are doing the right thing. :) Hey, I am with ya on the "must work" mentality... (being unemployed for 5 weeks about made me go crazy)... but you got to do what you have to do.
    Hope Busy's hypo-thyro is ok. Mine took about 14 years to get under control... but that's a different story! :)

  7. @ inspire me everyday! :)

    @Jamie...Thank you...and holy cow 14 years! Ohmygoodness, I'm glad it's finally under control. So far, so good with Busy ;)


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