Thursday, September 29, 2011

Procrastination at it's finest...

So last night I was thinking about what to blog and then I realized someone very familiar has re-entered the room.  Who you ask?  Procrastinating Pidg.  For reals yo!
{For the record,I don’t say “yo” normally.  But it did seem funny just now.}

So here’s what happened.  Right when I was desperately pleading with my mind to come up with something profound to write…{Translation, I was looking at Halloween decorations on Etsy} Procrastination reared it’s ugly head.

* I thought about posting… then wrote a guest post for Nay instead. 
{She will probably fire me. It’s kind of ridiculous.} 

* I thought about posting… then decided to jump back into the book I’m working on.  Oh hey, question.  Should they realize they love each other before she’s going back home, or as she’s about to leave?  I don’t do love stories where should we go with this?  These two characters are literally standing in a living room waiting for that decision to be made.  Their legs must be getting tired too.
{Hmm…I’ll let you ponder that one while I continue procrastinating everything else.}

* I thought about posting… then I turned to watch my fabulous husband play online because I’m supportive in that way.  And bored.  And procrastinating.  And well…honestly, I wasn’t even watching the game.  I was watching him; because I think he’s nice to look at and I’m creepy like that.

* I thought about posting… then I checked Facebook again for ABSOLUTELY no reason.  No ones even up, except Salena who probably gets irritated with my blog stalking and all.
Dang it Nay, get internet at home so I can stalk you too.  {Awkward silence…}

* I thought about posting… then grabbed soda.  Hey, at least I’m smiling again.

* I thought about posting… then went back to my book.  The characters are really coming together.  I think I like the storyline.  I think I tell a good story, but my writing style?  I have no idea.  Anyway, I got another 15 pages done.   
{Not on my blog}

* I thought about posting and well…this is what I came up with.  The other idea was even more lame.  {But I saved it and will probably throw it at you when I’m in another slump.} Wink

Moral of this story?  Don’t be like Pidg, not the procrastinating one anyway.  She’s sad and silly and likes to surprise you when you’re just about to be productive.  She’s jealous of all over-achievers {Actually they don’t bother her at all.  She’s really just glad they’re in this world so she can be a slacker}  She also thinks she’s very, very funny; when generally she’s not.   
{Yes she is.  I can hear her laughing right now.}

If you need me, I’ll be standing in the “living room” with my new friends. 




  1. HAHAHAHA!!!!!! I love the part about "And well…honestly, I wasn’t even watching the game. I was watching him; because I think he’s nice to look at and I’m creepy like that." and the part about stalking me and Nay. LOL!!!! Yes, I am up it's 3:51AM here. No I am not up early, I haven't gone to bed yet and I need to be up at 6:15am to get my daughter on her bus!!!! Bad news and too much caffeine is keeping me up. I loved this... I needed a good laugh.... not at you but with you. :)

  2. I have those kinds of days too!

    Love your etsy shops. Wowza!!! :O)

  3. Hello, thanks for the follow! I'm your newest follower too :) Nice to meet you!

  4. Thanks for the follow! I'm now following you as well & I'm loving your etsy shop!

  5. LOL! Love your writing style and believe you'll be writing a best day if this post is any indication ;) At least you're farther along than I am; my outline is done...and has been for 6 months...what? Isn't that normal??

    Off to get some more laughs by reading your posts...I'll try not to stalk too much :)

  6. This is too funny! Thanks for the follow...following you back. Love, love the design of your pretty =)

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  8. Awwww, isn't procrastination just the worst? I mean, I guess we manage to get other things done in the process, just not the one thing we should be doing :)

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  10. Thanx for the follow! Backatcha. Looking forward to reading more on your blog. Love your jewelry!

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  15. Oh my gosh! I can't stop reading your blog and laughing! You make me smile (and I needed it greatly today!) I may just have to add you to my Envy & Adoration page on my blog. Thanks again for swinging by!


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