Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pidg Can't Play...

Dear 2.5 Readers,

I am not allowed to come out and play today (aka: blog) because I have been grounded, put on restriction and  
sent to my room...
 the craft room that is.

Since my last post about the craft room I have still not succeeded in cleaning said room or completing the crafts that litter the craft chamber.  
 {Now you’re wondering what my room looks like huh?  Oh, it’s just a room…in my castle…with guards and knights…and…Huh?  Oh…grounded that’s right.}

Eh hem.  Anyway, there are still 5-ish open projects scattered about my various tables.  {The ‘ish’ is in there because there might possibly be more than 5 and that’s just embarrassing}

I am hoping soon I will be out of time-out and back in the world of bloggy people who actually complete their tasks.  Huh?  You don’t carry out all of your responsibilities either?  Stop encouraging me…it will not end well. 

The kids return home from Mr. B in T minus 9 hours and work will not commence again until the end of the week. 
{They like to distract me; or I like when I distract them.} 
{I get so confused}

Please until then go visit one of my favorite bloggy sistas,
Salena, at A Little Piece of Me...{click here}
She has a wonderful and touching post that pricked my heart.   
Yes, I read it last night when I was supposed to be working.  
{You’re always pointing out the negative…sheesh}

 So go drop by Miss Thang’s Lil blog and show her some love and don't forget to follow...she's as sweet as they come!
I will be back Soon; once my privileges have been reinstated. 
{Shh…I’m taking the soda with me}


Procrastinating Pidg


  1. going over to Salena's now - 'cause if you say she's a sweetie - then she's gotta be! have fun on your time-out!

  2. Wanted to let you know how happy I am to have won your giveaway necklace! :) I'm also displaying your bloggy button on my blog! :)
    ~Lisa @ Organized Chaos

  3. Oh Lisa, thank you! I hope you like it!


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