Wednesday, September 14, 2011

One Lovely Blog Award...Thank You Nay! She Rocks...For Reals!!!

I am so excited!  

awarded my little Pidg blog with 
“One Lovely Blog” award!

That is sooo uber cool!  I’m new to her blog and I don’t often go into someone’s archives 

{simply because I don’t have as much free time to blog explore}

But hers I have definitely delved into…just love her!

Okay Rules are:

 Share 7 random facts about yourself
 {This ought to be entertaining}]

Award 15 blogs
{I’m so excited…a hush goes over the room}  

Huh?  Oh, yes I’m very aware I should get out more why?

Let’s go... seven mysteries of Pidg 

1.      Oh, crud I can’t think of any facts right now.  {biting nails} does that count as a fact?  No?  Oh.  Umm... Oh, alright then…fact #1 is I would love to give 7 facts about my family.  They’re much easier for me to talk about since they’re my own 7 wonders of the world.

2.   I have to listen to music at all times in order to stay sane.  Well, close to it anyways…okay that’s stretchin’ it too.  Fine I have to listen to music 24/7 so that my wits don’t pour out of my head.

3.     I was a power lifter when I was younger not to be mistaken for body builder…Haha!  I am still strangely strong but as for the in shape part, I’m more like a power procrastinator now.

4.      My full name is Andrea Noel, pronounced like the Christmas word not the guy name.  The reason is because I was born 9 days away from Christmas.  My Mama wanted to name me, and I kid you not, Merry Noel. 
{Thank you Daddy from the bottom of my heart for standing up to what could have possibly scarred me for the rest of my life. {wink}

5.     My husband and I met because I totally hit on him….Oh yes I did!  But then he responded and I totally freaked out and tried to talk him out of me.  I figured he was a drinker or perhaps a few noodles short of a ramen block…Me?  Really?  Turns out he liked my kids and I came with the deal!  {Yes, I am their dowry!}  Haha!

6.      If I could I would take my family away to Wyoming get a huge chunk of land and become completely self-reliant on our own farm I would do it in a heart beat.  {Well self-reliant including the mailman who would faithfully bring me my Etsy supplies.  I can’t grow those…yet}

7.       I love to write, and write and write.  I currently have a ridiculous amount of scrawlings.  I wrote my first 1200 page novel in less than 3 months.  Incidentally, writing allows the wits to pour from my head. And I always write with music in my ears.  So what does that mean for the 'wits'?   Got ya thinkin' huh?  {wink}

Not in any particular order...they are all wonderfully unique in why I heart them! But oh so lovely they are!

The envelopes please....I just never get tired of how funny I "think" I am!

Can I just tell you that was exhausting for several reasons:

1.         Because I kept getting distracted reading their blogs

2.    Because I had a REALLY hard time not saying why I like each and every blog…cuz I’m wordy and all that jazz and I can’t ever seem to just say…Answer number 1 YES…I have to tell you Answer number 1…. YES..blah, blah, blah…cuz and because…. Well, I think you are pretty well adept to my need for explaining things.  But know that there are several differences in my love for these blogs and a huge need to talk about it…but I won’t…I want to…but…zip…shhh… {still giggling}
 3.    Because it took an insurmountable amount of focus…focus….focushuh?

Stop by and show them some love!

Thanks again Nay!  Totally made my day and week and I’m still grinning…You’re just so thoughty!




  1. Awwww thanks Chica!!! :) You made my night!!!
    And your 7 things...I **heart** them! 1200 pages huh? HOLY CRAP! I envy you :)

  2. Aww, thank you!!! I {heart} you. =) I love your list. I really need to find a way to unlock my brain to share random stuff like you do. I am very intrigued by your writing skills girl.

  3. Oh my goodness! Thank you!!! This made my night :)

  4. Sure thing Chickees, you so deserve it! I think it's nice I got to give a little shout out for awesomeness!

  5. Love ya Love ya Love ya - {did I say that out loud?} So happy I met ya! (that rhymes - ha!)
    You're awesome and am TOTALLY lovin' your bloggy, girly!
    And, you? wordy? Nah! :)

  6. oh! and um, did you change your bloggy design? I'm a little jealous! um...yeah, I'm def jealous!

  7. Nay! You're so wondermous! Yes I changed my bloggy design and it just so happens it's because I saw yours and was jealous! What! But on Shabby Blogs they're all separate and I didn't think I was cool enough to figure it out! Loves!


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