Thursday, September 15, 2011

A note from the author...{Sorry, that sounded cool}

So, today’s post heavy stuff; I find that once I vent I feel much better.  {most of the time}  However, today it bothered a tad bit having that on there only because I’m not usually one to “loud someone out”  Okay wait, who just said that?  I do exactly that!  I have a very strong sense of right and wrong.   
{Except perhaps when I’m wrong and they’re right then there might be some grey area.}

And justice….yah, I’m all for it even though we don’t see it so much in this world that we decorate with excuses, undeserved second chances and double jeopardy.   
{No, not the game show…sheesh}   
But never the less…I am still a fan.  
 {Of justice people not the game show.}

Just knowing that post was sitting there made me feel kinda weird.  Like a bit stranger than normal.  
 {I even showered today and that is very uncharacteristic of me…hmm}
So, here’s the run down.

I asked advice about posting something personal.  Everyone that commented and sent my separate emails and messages on Facebook said “do it.”  I felt like I should so I did.

But today, I just wasn’t comfortable with it sitting there.
{However, thank you for the thoughtful private messages sent to me regarding today’s post.}

So here is what I have decided.
{I absolutely LOVE making what I call “executive decisions”  they make me feel like I have some sort of control over my life…even if for a very brief time.}

If I feel the need to post something difficult or more personal I will tag Mr.B  in the post.  I will then post it at a date that has already passed so it’s buried somewhere in my archives.
 {Just saying Archives makes me sound like I have treasures of old.  In my mind I’m really cool right now}

The point is if I feel I need it out there on occasion but don’t want to dampen the mood  I shall bury Mr. B in a shallow grave of Archives so he’s there but no one really knows.   

{Did I mention I like irony and double meanings?  Yes, I think I’m funny.  No, there is no double meaning in the term shallow grave, it just made me giggle that’s all…still gigglingstilljust go on and read.  I’ll be right here…}

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thursday…and what does Thursday night mean? 
Tomorrow is Friday!! 
And people keep telling me that Friday is good so I’ll jump in there with the rest of the excitement.  But when you work from home it’s equally as exciting as Monday.  But don’t tell anyone I’ll get in trouble for raining on the parade.  

P.S.  I don’t like parades either!  Haha!




  1. Darling... let me fix you a nice cup of decaf! lol Have a wonderful weekend... xoxo

  2. Caffe you're killing me... it's caffeine that kills the ADHD. I need one of your strong cups o' Joe! ;)


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