Friday, September 2, 2011

Lawn day...

So, once a week I mow my mama & daddy’s lawn and my own.  Daddy and I made a deal when they moved and I told him I would mow his lawn if I could have his rider.  He agreed...WHAT?  I was so was one of those moments I threw something out there in jest and couldn't believe he said yes...SCORE

{Thanks Daddy!  He follows my blog..I think that's so cool.}

It gives me a chance to say “hey” to my daddy and have some bonding time with nature…

Today, Po was off and he decided to help me at home.  Yay!
So, here's my lawn...
The back yard
More of the back yard...there's an amazing "cottage" storage shed behind that humungous apple tree.
I'll be honest, you didn't really need this picture...but it's pretty the way the sun is coming through the trees from the woods...there's "some" yard there though.. {wink}
More yard...
This is what it looks like standing near the mailbox...

{That's my wonderful husband.  
He's probably looking for something shiny.  He's funny that way.}

Umm...yes...I'm standing in the ditch with insanely fast cars whizzing past me at my back.  Why do you ask?
And a little more yard...

And really looking at it in pictures it doesn't look like that much.  It is, I can assure you.  I do an hour of push-mowing at my daddy's house.  Then, I come back to my house to do an hour of push mowing for the edges I can't get to; then another 2ish hours of riding mower.  
{Please don't take this admission for an attempt to make you all believe I'm an over-achiever or even proficient and orderly.  I, in all honesty, cannot muster the energy due to my out of shape-ness, to do it more than one day a week.} 

{Wow, that sounded even more pathetic out-loud! Haha!}

{One would think I would be tan.  I am not.  At all.}

So with the sweat and stinky and manual labor 

{remember, I'm still one handed for the most part} 

I absolutely LOVE it.  Po and I totally think we missed our callings.  We should have been farmers.  I love dirt, and mess and sweating with nature and then looking back and seeing the fruits of what you've accomplished.  Most things in motherhood don't allow you that feeling; not immediately anyways.  Except perhaps childbirth.  I can look at that and go wow...I did that. 

{with a tremendous amount of Heavenly Help that is.}

What I mean to say is, you clean; they dirty.  You pick up; they drop.  You organize; they mystify you with amazing swiftness of disarray.  

You cook; they eat.  You cook; they eat.  You cook; well you get the idea. 

So, that's where I was yesterday.  I attempt to do it earlier in the week but with school starting I'm all discombobulated. 

{Discombobulated = one of my most favorite words}

Okay, I really don't have to tell you this...but...
My Mama always laughs because I tell on myself.  I have done it since I was itty bitty.  
It probably made it a heck of a lot easier to parent for her; the whole turning myself in thing. 

Back to telling on myself...I honestly think I have outdone myself this time. 
Notice the caption in the that is really NOT written on my husbands shirt. {Snicker} Yah...that cement step of sorts.
Well...{long sigh} 
I always pull the cars out into the driveway because we park in this 2 car square that just runs into the lawn.  My wonderful luck coupled with my amazing coordination 
{said with extreme sarcasm} 
allows me to do things like shoot rocks out of the mower and injure cars, people and small animals.

{hence the moving of the cars into the driveway itself}

So Po parked somewhat in front of that cement thingy-do.  Well I, in all of my glory, am a creature of habit.  

It doesn't matter if my husband's car is there and it's usually not because he's normally at work when I do the lawn.  

So while I rounded that turn so I can go into the driveway to get to another part of the lawn I watched my back wheel to avoid that cement thingy-do.  

I discovered in a very abrupt way that the turn was too sharp for the mower.  How you ask?  
I flippin' rolled into the side of his car!   

Wait!  don't laugh yet...

The best 
{most awful, embarrassing and possibly most pitiable} 
part of this story was that as I did husband rounded the opposite corner of said "thingy-do" with the push-mower just in time to see me do it!

{REALLY?  That was necessary?  As if it wasn't painful enough to my wilted pride he had to be STANDING right there?}

No...I didn't hurt the car.
No...he wasn't mean or awful has not been mentioned again.
No...I can't laugh about it just yet.  Give me about 5 or 6 more posts and I'll be peeing my pants about it...
just not yet.
 Mental Note:  Move above mentioned car past my car.

Better Mental Note:  Continue to have lawn day when husband is at work.

There, I'm done...have a goodin'!

I will be under a rock if anyone needs me.




  1. I like the word, discombobulated too! If you run out of lawn, I have lots of it over here. Cute post!

  2. Haha! You DO have a lot of about understatement of a lifetime! :)

  3. Wow! I love all that space. I have a small townhouse with no lawn or yard. :( Just seeing all your photos makes me feel so free and able to breathe. I love your sense of humor. lol.


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