Sunday, September 11, 2011

Goals and Gratitude...

We had a Stake Women’s Conference on Saturday and let me tell you…I so needed that! 
 It was so wonderful, uplifting, spiritual and hilarious all at the same time.   
DeNae, our most entertaining speaker, was a ridiculous amount of knowledge, sarcasm and sweet humor.  She had us in stitches…absolutely needed that.  So, in this awesome day of wonder we heard from DeNae, then we got to choose from 4 (very needed) classes and then ended with some more DeNae.  Yes, I’m going to keep saying her name and linking her up.  She’s out in Salt Lake and came all the way over here to Asheville to speak to lil ole’ us; so I imagine she hasn’t had (with her hectic schedule) much time for blogging as of late but follow her.  You won’t regret it and if she even gets near town again…I’m in!

One of my classes  {and yes, strangely I paid attention} was taught by my friend 
{and mentor but she has no idea}  

She actually helped inspire me to start blogging. 

{I don’t think she knows that either.}

But she started her blog:  My Year of Fifty She turned 50 this year…

{What?  No, I don’t know how she got the name to her blog.}  {Wink}

To celebrate that year she decided to sit and jot down 50 goals she wanted to complete; some were lofty and some a bit easier on the emotional goal roller coaster.  But regardless, I loved the idea.  I love the thought of goal setting.  I love the rewards of completing said goals.  It’s just such a personal lift when you accomplish something.  The idea of setting a standard for yourself and attaining it because you said you would is just so healing, rewarding and awesome example-setting stuff I’m telling you!

So, with that, I’m only turning 37 this year…in simple terms, I get it easier than Melissa!

{Insert Large Grin Here.}

I am going to follow in her footsteps and set 37 goals for myself.  One of the things she did was starting a journal of counting her blessings.  I, like Melissa, have to write everything down to remember it.  So I too am starting a journal.

It’s funny, my bestie, Sheila Bee, remember her?  Yah, the one who supported me {hysterically laughed at me}  during my spider episode, well she gave me a very special gift among many gifts for my birthday last year.  It was a beautiful orange leather journal.

{I am secretly in love, enamored and hopelessly addicted to anything used to write or record writing: pens, notebooks, journals, pencils…the real ones you have to sharpen…it all just makes me giddy.   
Hmm… I guess it’s not so secret anymore.}

Okay, well I am.  And I have held on to that journal for almost a year waiting, biding my time, for something special to put in it.  I thought about recording the agents I submit my writing to.  No, that’s not enough, must be something better, something bigger.  I thought about keeping notes for my sporadic poetry…naw…I get frustrated when I have to scratch things out in a pretty journal.  Strange, I know.  So then I thought about the gratitude journal.   

Perfect!  A recording of the things I am thankful for.  That is worthy of my beautiful, most thoughtful gift; the gift that will collect the loveliness of this world.  
{I’m excited.}

By the end of the day I felt 
 re-filled, re-fueled and ready to begin 
again with more vigor and determination to become the best part of myself.  
 I have to find it first you see, but that will be another story I’m sure.  

I will keep you updated.  I imagine I’ll pick a day of the week or month and maybe, just maybe I won’t be alone in this venture.

I’m ready to set goals to
strive a little harder
grow a little deeper and
reach a little farther.

Maybe I’ll find that side to myself after all.   Happy Sunday!




  1. Found you at Blogaholic. Following you :) Crissa @

  2. Hey Crissa thanks for stopping by! I just dropped by your blog and followed you back! I hope to run into you again :) I'm still trying to get my barrings on Blogaholic!

  3. Thanks for your sweet, kind words. And good luck on those 37 goals (your such a baby :) I'd love to see your list, if you feel like sharing.

  4. I too have a love of writing. I keep a journal and sometimes hand write my blog posts before I type them just for the feeling of writing something by hand.

    We just had Women's Conference too and it was so nice to escape from normal of luck with all of your goals :).

  5. Thanks Melissa! I am so hoping to get my list together soon...and yes I will share them.

    Judy, thanks so much for stopping by. I completely agree about the hand writing something. It just feels good. ;)

  6. You and me both, sister . . . and I didn't even get to go to any of the classes!


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