Monday, September 12, 2011

The dream...

Every once in a while I get these inspired dreams.  I had one of those the night before last.  It was vivid and in great detail.  The cool thing about it was it was like watching a movie but Po and I were the main characters.  

 {Haha…he had hair in the dream..What?!}   

Incidentally I shaved it off in the dream too.  I love my husband’s bald head, but that’s neither here nor there. 

{What?  Oh, yah sorry, I’m distracted}

So I got up immediately and threw on some good music that allowed that dream to etch itself into my mind.  Guess what?  It’s a new book.  I haven’t done one like this before.  It’s actually kind of a love story; very Hallmark channel-ish…  Totally different from the stuff I usually write.  But it’s flowing.  I sat down last night after doing some things for the Cottage and thought I would just jot down a basic outline so I didn’t forget.  But instead I wrote out 20 pages of the story itself.  I think I’m liking it.  I mean if it flows from my brain it usually has some substance.
{usually wink...}

It’s definitely some chick lit though.  It’s kind of fun.  I am NOT  a romance novel kind of girl but a love story, I might can dabble in.  I guess we’ll see.  

 {Funny note:  When people find out that I write they almost always assume I write romance novels. 
WHAT THE?!  I mean seriously?  How does that even sound like me?  Haha!} 
Besides, romance to me is going with Po to Walmart without the kids!

I went to bed around 2a which is actually perfect because I get up at 5a and 3 hours is golden for me.  I’m trying desperately today to NOT write on it and actually get some work done.  So, here’s the plan:
  • I’m running into the workshop to get some signs done for the Cottage.   
  • Then I’m making dinner early so I don’t have to make it later.   
  • Then I’m gonna write, and write and write.

I’m so excited! 

Okay, on another note.  I am participating in my 
 very first giveaway 
today.  It’s over at And Nothing Else Matters.  Enter the giveaway for a chance to win one of my PidgApeg necklaces.  Please show some love! Fun stuff people!  Thank you thank you Em for allowing me to guest post!  Go check it out!

Have a great Monday!  You can do it…okay, fine we have to do it!




  1. How fantastic. You are one talented lady! Good luck with the writing. Can't wait to hear about the progress. And yay, I am so happy to have you on my blog! Em xo

  2. Thanks Em! The feeling is mutual!

  3. You write books?! Awesome! I am not surprised with your writing talent. And to think that this is just the way Harry Potter came to be. Is it something you are going to publish and share? Or do you already write and have books for sale? Hey, I'm new, I have no idea. lol. I'm so excited for you and for that amazing dream. Again, we are similar... Walmart with no kids, hey that's romance for me too. lol. But I always long for more. {wink}

  4. Yes I write books {and poetry here and there} However, I am undiscovered. I am attempting to publish but in this world you need an agent and it's grueling researching agents and their requirements and then sending them all out. {It's a lack of time thing} As far as sharing my writing goes, yep I'm thinking about it. If I can gain a little base of followers I might start feeding some of it out there. I keep all of my rejection letters too. One day I will paper my walls with my big ranch in Wyoming once I'm published. {Insert HUGE wink here}


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