Sunday, September 4, 2011

A child's prayer...

Last night I went into the boy’s room to tuck them in.  It’s so sweet really, they have bunk beds but Lil Man still sleeps with Ethan on the bottom bunk.  And, might I add, Baby Aaron.  Who’s that you ask?  That’s Lil Man’s baby doll.  No joke.  Moi had a school project last year when she was in a child development class and she had to bring home a baby with sensors that recorded her reaction to its crying randomly, for feedings, changing and just tears of no reason just like a real baby.  We’re talking this thing was legit.  It even recorded if she didn’t support its neck when she picked it up.

Well, Lil Man fell in love with this baby.

It was funny because each time I got pregnant I would purchase a brand new baby doll for the youngest child so that they would be able to have a baby to “take care of” before their new sibling arrived.

{I kid you not I not once had a problem with jealousy with my kids.  Except, ironically, Lil Man; he still sometimes thinks he’s an only child and I’m running a daycare or something.  I guess that’s why he’s the prince of the family. {wink}

It occurred to me after seeing Lil Man’s reaction to this baby that he, being the youngest, had not gotten to experience this stage.  So, even though the reign of babies is over for me he still wants and needs to go through that nurturing stage.

{Hence last year Santa brought us Baby Aaron}

So anyways, I was tucking in all “three” of my boys and this night it was Ethan’s turn for the prayer.  Man that kid is growing.  He’s in that stage of beginning to see things and people for what they really are…which is “real”.  Heroes have fallen from grace.  What once was fun is now something that he sees as a bargaining tool.  He now knows when he’s being used against someone he loves and he is developing an incredible sense of right and wrong.  Grey has become black and white and spiritually, he is moving swiftly up the ladder.

His prayers are so sweet.  They always have been really, but tonight…tonight was a little different.  His sincerity would blow the strongest, most faithful adult out of the water, but tonight, it just really got to me.  He prayed for all of the usual stuff.  He doesn’t do “wrote” prayers don’t get me wrong he just covered all of his bases.  But then….then he prayed for ME specifically.  He prayed for me to have a safe journey and that I would feel the Spirit and have a safe return.

{Even now I’m tearing up.}

He’s getting it…he’s got it.  We have been counseled to teach our children correct principles and then allow them to govern themselves.

{that’s scary for me}

But at that moment, when those un-prodded words left his mouth it breathed hope and gratitude back into my slightly battered soul.

He prays with real intent; knowing his prayers are heard and having the faith they will be answered.  He’s specific, genuine and he loves his Mama.  How blessed am I to have him and all of them in my life?

I just wanted to share this one as I travel with dear friends and my beautiful Mama to South Carolina today for Stake temple day.  I go to be of service to those who are in need of their work to be done.  I go to receive blessings my family so desperately needs…and my journey will be safe and the Spirit, right beside me.

I am blessed.  I am loved




  1. That is so sweet. What a moment that was. You are blessed.

  2. "We have been counseled to teach our children correct principles and then allow them to govern themselves."

    This hits home for me. It's hard for me to do because I want to protect them from the world and to make sure they are doing what is right but they are their own person and God creates us to be able to make choices. It's such a huge thing to a parent when their child is moved towards doing right and good and has a spirit filled heart. Thanks for sharing this, it really touched my heart.


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