Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Big Fat Thank You!!

So…this is not the post I was putting up today.  However, it’s here and really I should have done this one earlier…so maybe it’s not just because I’m borderline slow that I can’t seem to link up with Miss Mommy for Tuesday Ten it’s simply that this post needed to go first.  
 {Justification for my lack of ability today?  No. Improvise people, it always makes me smile.  Of course soda works too.}

First my blog was jacked up and now I can’t link up…the middle school girls missed the bus and it’s rainy and grey today!   
{Oh wait I like that weather…see things are already looking up...it's all good! wink}

So today I have to tell you a quick, sweet story. 
{Quick?  Haha!  Let’s see how I do with that!}

First off as I’ve mentioned I am completely computer-not-savy.  Like, I can type.  But basically that’s my knowledge of the wonder that is internet and technology. 
{Honestly, I really wish you could have just seen how I tried to spell technology…there were no suggestions in spell check!}

So me blogging is a wonder in itself, much less figuring out Etsy and email and what have you.  I just cracked one of my friends up the other day when she realized I had an “Old” phone and text with the keys like you had to when texting first came out.  I actually went back to that phone because I’m simple and like it that way.   
{Hey, my husband didn’t even have a phone until he was 34.  And he only got that one because we got married and I told him he needed one so he could hear my voice when we were apart… I was just thinking about him.  Wink}

So, Bailey, my oldest has a boyfriend.  They are out in Utah and I have never met this guy.  Well, here’s the strange thing about him…him being named Britton. 
{Huh?  Oh, that's not the strange part, I was just telling you his name. snicker} 

They have been together 9 months.  Do you know what I’ve heard about him?  Only good.  Huh?!  Like…I’m talking NO drama…EVER.  Not a thing, not one whisper of punk-ness from him.  No expasperation, no turd-like behavior, no mis-treatment or rudeness…nada…zero…ZIP!


Well, guess what he did for me?  I was having some issues on my Facebook fanpage and so I made Bailey an admin and she went on to see if she could help.  So after she tried Britton jumped on there and not only fixed my troubles but also gave me an Uber-Cool URL Facebook.com/PidgApeg
Instead of:  Facebook.com/Pidgapegkwaehr23947u12oqlrnfaoperfuq4ptj;QLLR
Q345982wrfhaklserji45r90UQHRFjjrugth490304k6l467643672320000023663134632103205464…. {You get the idea… wink}

I’m certain all of you smarty pants out there knew how to do all of this stuff…but I didn’t and I couldn’t get anyone to help me…but he did it voluntarily.  He also is looking into stuff for me that I don’t know how to search regarding websites and neato stuff.  Again…I can’t get help and he was willing to jump right in there.  How nice is that?  His parents did a good job.


So, I just wanted to say
in my screaming Agnes voice from Despicable Me. 

It actually meant a lot to me.  For hims
{Bailey and I always say Hims instead of Him…for once it wasn’t a typo.}
So for hims to be so nice to me…how nice is he to my baby girl?  That makes me feel good…lots of good.   
But, if he is truly nice…then if they get married he will bring her back to North Carolina…or I will even take the vicinity thereof… 
{Just thought I’d throw that little plug in there.  Huh? No, that was subliminal…you don’t think so?  Oh…are you sure?  I was thinking that I had the whole subtle thing down…hmm}

Okay, well if she was nice then if they get married she can bring him back to North Carolina…or the vicinity thereof. 
{Better?  Why are you shaking your head?}

Hmph…Okay, I’ll try again later to link up with Miss Mommy for Tuesday Ten.  But the chances are it will be Wednesday or Thursday.  Haha!  That sounds more like me doesn’t it?  Link up for "Tuesday 10" on Wednesday...awesome...

Hope you’re all having a wondermous week!  I missed you while I was grounded!



P.S.  I really, really, miss my baby girl...really.... {sniff}


  1. Can I have a Britton too, please?
    So happy for ya!

  2. I know right! Bless that child...and yes, cuz if you're the "Auntie Nay" he will so love to score points in the family! {Truth be told he doesn't know what he's in for. He hasn't met us "crazies" out her in NC. I hope we don't ruin it for her! HaHa!

  3. I'll take a "Britton", closer to 40 would be good. ;)

  4. Ahahah! No doubt Cheri...Oh that sounded awful...I have one but his strengths are not in the tech world. But if you're in need of some good manual labor..Me and Po are good at that! {We're such dorks!}


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