Friday, September 23, 2011

The Abc's of Pidg...

Okay so while I would love to pretend I’m being creative…I’m not.  I got this cute idea from the 

wondermous Nay over at 
and she got it from

Lena over at

 and before that I don’t really know… 

What I do know is that I am not feeling creative, nor motivated to put my brain to work on anything that makes much sense or even has a touch of humor.  Did I say tired?  Maybe I meant cranky and frustrated…exhausted and unheard and wired and bitter and hahaha!  I really had you goin’ didn’t I?  I just need a soda.  I’m good.

This was pretty fun though I had a good time getting to know Nay. 
 You should too by the way she’s just... just sparkly stars and hearts all over!
I can’t get enough of her blog and her friendship!

Okey Dokey…the Abc’s of Pidg…

A. Age:
B. Bed Size:
Queen, but we could seriously sleep in a twin.  Po is my heater!
C.  Chore That you Hate:
Putting away the clothes.  I don’t mind washing or folding, but putting aways…sheesh
D.  Dogs:
Jack & Charlie:  Singing dogs of New Guinea {they’re dingoes}
E.  Essential Part to your Day:
Soda…and mysterious weight gain.
F.  Favorite Color:
Green!  I love green.  My favorite shade is olive green..yah, I know pretty exciting!
G.  Gold or Silver:
Silver…more like aluminum foil…{wink}
H.  Height:
{Funny thing is the girls want to be taller than me…Not shootin’ real high there girls}
I.  Instruments:
My favorite is the piano.  I am so NOT musically inclined but the world needs an audience …that is me, an appreciator of talent who should not sing….ever….ever…
J.  Job Title:
I am the Operations Manager of everything unpaid.  With my current resume I am suited for a job as Mary Poppins…’cept the kids broke my umbrella and I can’t sing and I’m not as cheerful…and okay fine just call Nanny 911
K.  Kids:
Bailey {18} 
McKenna (Moi) {15}
Hanna {14}
Breelyn (Busy) {12}
Ethan {10}
Logan (Lil Man) {7}
Yes, they were all birthed from my body.  No, I didn’t drink the water.
L.  Live:
Western North Carolina… No, I’m not really sure how I got here from San Diego…
M.  Mother's Name:
{I like to call her Jodie Commodie…she doesn’t like that as much as me Ha!}
N.  Nicknames:
Pidg, And, Andi, Baby, Mamaz, Moochka {heart Moi} Mamacita, dork-face..oh wait that’s my real name {wink} and ONLY my Mama can get away with calling me {Annie} If anyone else says that, I think about the red-headed afro-girl from the original Annie movie and it makes me sorta well…violent… {wink}

O.  Overnight Hospital Stays:
Just birthin’ babies oh wait…and once when I discovered while 30 weeks pregnant with Busy that I was indeed allergic to shell-fish.  Bad…bad …
P.  Pet Peeves:
When there is water around the sink.  Even in a public bathroom I have to take a paper towel and wipe it off.
Q.  Quote from a Movie:
“Do you not realize I have had diarrhea since Easters?””…I kid you not a major quote in our family... Nacho Libre quite the celebrated hero
R.  Right or Left handed:
Right but I’m actually ambidextrous so I guess it depends on my mood…What?!
S.  Siblings:
Three older brothers…they don’t talk about me much…true story…
T.  Time You Wake Up:
5am Mon-Fri
7:30am weekends….score!
U.  Underwear:
Haha!  I just made you say “underwear!”
V.  Vegetable You Hate:
CARROTS!  Gag..gag….blechhh
W.  What makes you run late:
My glorious children; it’s not that they have trouble getting ready, it’s that they need ample time to fight. J
X.  X-Rays you've had:
Uhh….like everything and I have x-ray vision so that counts too I suppose. 
{You did notice the cape right?}
Y.  Yummy food that you make:
I make lots of yummy foods.  That’s why my fam keeps me around…  I can’t even narrow it down…I’m tired…but suddenly, strangely insanely hungry now.
Z.  Zoo animal:
Rhinos…they make me giddy
What about you?




  1. Love you tons more! You made me smile again this morning! {darn you! lol}

  2. Haha! Nay...were you trying to be ornery this morning? Not on my watch! Loves you back!


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