Tuesday, September 13, 2011

10 Things that drive me Crazy!...

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Ten things that drive me flippin’ crazy…

Well, I think it’s safe to say 7 of them are the 6 children I gave birth to and my beloved husband.  That leaves me with only 3 to come up with.  {snicker} Of course in actuality I made the top of their ten so it’s all good!
Okay, now for reals…{there it is again… I love that saying!}

Not in any particular order.  I imagine you were all very concerned with that.  I just felt a need to clear it up.  Even number 5 might be just as annoying as 1 or 10.

1.       My dogs bark/singing/howling loudness.  My pups are Singing Dogs of New Guinea…they’re Dingoes.  When they get excited or need to tell you something they do this really loud high pitch howling bark thing.   Ie: singing.  You know how everyone has that one thing that hits the most irritating tone for you and you just can’t handle it?  My dogs.  But someone told me I have to love them.  So I do.  Come to think of it, they told me that about children too.   Fine.  I heart them also.  {wink}

2.      Going to the post office.  I have 3 Etsy shops and a daughter in Utah.  Weird right?  I mean how can I hate going to the post office?  It should be wonderful, I sold something or I’m mailing a fun package.  I’m afraid not.  I have had this irritation since I was old enough to drive.  So…yah…just don’t like it.

3.      When I think I’m about to drink Dr. Pepper and they give me Root beer.  Holy cow has that happened to anyone else?  I mean I’ve even been in restaurants where I order a Dr. Pepper or Pibb and they say, “Oh I’m sorry, we don’t have that would like a Root Beer?”  What?!  Does ANYONE think those drinks are similar?  I mean I have to be in the mood for Root beer but when you think it’s something else and you get that POW of good ‘ole sarsaparilla…it’s quite a shock!

4.      You know how you hate it when people are late?  Well I really don’t like it when they are early either.  Like Mr. New bus driver {not to be mistaken for Mr. I wear a cowboy hat bus driver.}.  He came early.  And just so you know DOT estimated that the bus should come at 7:20a..it comes at 7am…yesterday morning it came at  6:52.  {Not acceptable…not in my very important book of not cool things}

5.      Humidity.  Look at my hair.  Need I say more?  {And the fact that I sweat more than my husband.  He glistens.  What is that?!  It’s a wonder we even stay together with his glistening and my ridiculous rain of perspiration.  He def got the raw end of the deal…fine he got the raw end of the deal with most things.  But here’s the deal.  It’s a contract.  He signed it…in blood.  He stays! }

6.     My children when they don’t do their chores.  Or when they manipulate me or bully me sweetly or…or…Well, mostly when they’re not with me.  I’m a glutton for punishment, yes I’m in counseling.  {Problem is they’re the therapists!}

7.      When my husband is not here.  I like him.  He’s my favorite collectible.  So are my kids.  It’s quite an assortment really.

8.      The fact that my letter from Hogwarts never came.  I’m pretty sure my dogs scared off the owl; but I’m over it.  As I told my son, Ethan, I was a foreign exchange student in High School at Sky High.  Yes, I dated Captain America, and yes my husband was there also {different year of course} and his best friend was the Hulk.  So that made up for missing Hogwarts and stuff.  {Yes, I told that to Ethan when he was 7.  Yes, he still believes it and we talk about it periodically even though he’s now 10.  Yes, I will swear it is true when his wife questions me.  I love that boy…for oh so many reasons.  But that is definitely one of them!}

9.     When parents think their children can do no wrong.  I’m lucky, mine do wrong with some type of humor involved and end up making me laugh.  They’re never vicious or disrespectful and they always listen and obey and sing songs of bliss and …wait what were we talking about?

10.  Excuses.  I hate when they’re given to me and I hate when I hand them out.  Like my craft room for instance.  I mean it needs to be cleaned up, there is no doubt about it.  But I have so much to do, cooking, cleaning, laundry, work, quality time with husband and children, homework…they would do it for me but they’re so busy with homework, school, beating each other up, playing games and …huh?  Oh, sorry.  You get the point.

Happy Tuesday!  

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  1. guess who's lovely? your bloggy!
    congrats from me to you:)

  2. ugh early buses!!! Great list!

  3. You crack me up girl! Loved this post! And I totally get the Dr. Pepper Root Beer thing!

  4. I just had a good laugh today - thanks :). Great post xx

  5. Thank you chickees for all of your comments! It still cracks me up some people actually read my posts..Yay!


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