Tuesday, September 20, 2011

10 Random Thoughts...

Here goes with ten thoughts that just floated into my brain as I was writing this post...

1.  I think I am more creative when my hair is a mess.  I mean that piled on top of my head falling out of the knot, frizzy pinwheels of  broom-like twists.  THAT is the hair I’m talking about.  Truly, more creative… {I expect them to contact me for studies any day now.}

2.  I have a strange obsession with leaves.  Like forever I have had this fixation.  I love their color, their texture, the crunch in the Fall and the noise they make as the breeze breathes through them.  I love, love, love them.  I can take a situation and somehow compare it to a leaf.  I collect things with leaves on them and when we lived in Maryland I decorated my kitchen in Fall leaves.  I love them and they love me.  They speak to me {Well, not really.  That would be strange.   Okay well sometimes, they’re just not very loud about it…I mean THAT would be awkward...  If they yelled and all.  The leaves…uhh…they talk to everyone right?  Right? }

3.  I am amazing at customer service.  I’m the friendliest person you will ever meet.  I share a smile for everyone… Here’s the thing; I don’t like people.  {Whew…that felt amazing!}  Honestly though.  If I had it my way I would be a recluse…I’ve tried it before but I kept talking to people.  Weird right?  Really though, I have issues with being around people especially large groups.  It’s not that I’ve tackled the fear I’ve just learned to cope.  People …not for me.  But ask anyone who actually “knows” me… personally because not many people really “know” me…and they will tell you I’m an extrovert.  Ehhh…wrong!  {So, maybe I should have been an undercover agent or an actress or something….oh wait people…dang…}

4.  I love homemade salsa.  It’s my recipe…it’s wonderful.  It’s real comfort food in my family…I drink it sometimes…What?  Oh, I said that out loud?  Well, I mean…wait you don’t?  Oh.  Well, maybe you should try mine. ;) {Sometimes I crush tortilla chips in a small bowl, pour on the salsa & eat it like cereal!  Yah buddy!}  Okay, more alarming than what I just confessed is the “yah buddy”.  I don’t say that, I’m a dork.

5.   On lawn day…I listen to my Mp3 player but I spend most of those few hours talking to Heavenly Father.  It’s perfect really.  I’m out there with nature; appreciating all that he has created for our enjoyment.  I feel close to him and the beauty of this lovely world.  On the upper lawn I discovered not 1 but 3 {which we found out later was 5} underground yellow jacket nests.  {I was scared out of my britches} but I had to mow.  So I prayed…and prayed each turn I made I was watching them as they shot from their nests in defense of their front door, angry and aggressive.  I prayed that they would stay in the ground so that I wouldn’t slice up their little tookusses and make their relatives even more mad…they seemed to dissipate.  Then, I told Heavenly Father thank you and that  I was sorry I used up all of his minutes.  true story…

6.  I LOATH carrots.  They trigger my gag reflex.  Doesn’t that bite?  I have tried on several occasions to like them.  They’re cheap, easy to travel, crunchy and healthy.  My taste buds have changed over the years on several things so I thought eventually, I would like carrots.  Well, it turns out they really don’t care for me much.  I can’t eat them, raw, cooked, strained, in juice, baked, or stewed…gag, gag…gag…sometimes even the smell will get to me.   I don’t even eat them in carrot cake, even when the cook assures me you can’t taste them.  {9 times out of 10 I will smell them before the bite gets to my mouth…gag} I am however, in favor of eating the cream cheese frosting.   I always wanted to be that girl with my little bag of carrots chomping on my crunchy, healthy snack.  But I’ll never be that girl…never….{I need a tissue} …never….

7.   When I got pregnant with my second daughter, McKenna, I knew I couldn’t possibly love that child as much as I loved my first daughter, Bailey.  I was riddled with guilt over.  There were many deep and reassuring discussions I had with my mama about it.  She kept telling me I would be alright and I would love them differently, yet equally.  {I felt bad for her because I knew she was wrong.}  I swore to myself I would never tell that second child that I didn’t love her as much and I would try and be the best mama I could be.  But turns out Moi popped out and low and behold…it was like magic; the second wonder of the world from my womb to my arms.  And then another…and another…and…well you get the point.  Isn’t motherhood great?  It turns out Mama was right…she usually is, I just love telling her she’s not because she tends to want to ground me and that makes for more fun in the conversation.  Truth be told I still listen to my mama.  She told me once when I was like 7 that if I was ever in trouble and tried to run she would ALWAYS be able to catch me; no matter what.  I believed…to this day, I would never try to out-run that woman {Truth be told I don’t think it’s in the run per say.  I think her arms just stretch and unimaginable distance.} Huh?  Oh…sorry…Yah, let’s move on.

8.   I write.  So I don’t read.  Well, let me clarify that one.  If I’m writing something about a dog {which I am not} then I don’t read about dogs.  But that leaves me several other options of genres to pick from; however, I just can’t fit reading in at all anymore.  I LOVE to read.  But I am the type of person if I start a book and begin to enjoy said book nothing….I mean NOTHING else will get in the way of me finishing the book.  I will pee…occasionally until the book is done.  That.  Is.  All.  So with that said.  I can’t read.  I wonder when the kids are all out of the house  {And I or my bestie is a famous author because she said she will share her money if she publishes first}…anyhoo…{I don’t say anyhoo either} But when the kids leave the house and I’m old and gray and probably only  in my late 40’s… {yay me} if I will then have a moment to read and soak up stories of others.  I hope so.  Probably not though.  I’ll be too busy writing and meeting deadlines for my publisher…or more likely living off of my friend who will be too busy writing and meeting deadlines for her publisher.  But I’m okay with that.  I clean a mean house!

9.   Daddy, I know you’re reading this…go and hang up Mama’s fan for the kitchen.  Haha!  Got ‘em!  Because I know Mama’s reading this too!!!!  I know, I know, go to my room….sheesh…

10.   Sometimes I wonder who I am.  Sometimes I think I wear so many “coats” I can’t tell the difference between those and my skin.  I put on the camouflage of the day then hang it neatly on a hook for its next use.  I am a mother, a wife, a daughter {who is grounded} a housekeeper, cook, dog feeder-walker-poop-picker-upper, landscape chick, writer, blogger, crafter, small business owner… completely out of breath & borderline insane.  But I guess that’s alright.  Never settling, always going and hopefully growing too…  But still I wonder, what will I be when I grow up and my kids are done raising me.  I hope they do a good job because I’m not taking credit for me!

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  1. Love it! You crack me up all the time. I too share your thoughts as you got pregnant with your second. It happened when I got pregnant with #5, she's like my #2 after starting again with 16 yrs in between the first 3. Turns out, I love them all the same and could not even imagine what I would do without them. I too am confused at who I am. I think it's because I was a mother at such a young age. I was barely 16 and have been tending to others needs for 26 years now. My identity has been put on hold. I still have another 16 years to go before the last one is an adult. Yay, me.

  2. I'll read this later {you know me, got to print out for tonite!}, but had to let you know that you are sweetly irresistible! So go to
    to see your AWARD!
    love ya chicky!


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