Friday, September 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Busy!

Yesterday was Busy's birthday...9/29/99 how cool is that?  Yah, I totally planned it..actually no I didn't.  I showed up at the doctor visit that day with my other three daughters in tow and was told she had time to augment me and it's go time!  Ahh!
But all turned out well and this is what I got…

Yah, can you guess which one “Busy” is?  She’s the one with the marshmallow beard.  Why?  I have absolutely no idea.  She’s spontaneous like that.   

She is a crazy mess of phenomenal love, inspiration and a Jack Black type of humor.  Each morning at the bus stop she jumps off this short wall we have and flies through the air in various awkward positions. 

 And please don't leave this child to her own devices...especially, for some strange reason with marshmallows.

She and Hanna smack each other around each morning and then, as of late they gather some of the hugest mushrooms I’ve ever seen and line them in our yard.  {After they smuggled them across the border.  That's what they say.  I call it the street.  Haha!} 
 It’s Hanna’s “Mushroom Garden” which Busy whole-heartedly supports.  They have named them and visit them each day…several times a day.

These are some of the small ones they started with.  Picture taken by the Amazing Hanna.  
{Yes, she makes me call her that. Wink}

Busy is the youngest of my baby girls.  As a matter of fact, she is one of the most entertaining children I own.  The voices she pulls alone will keep you in hysterics.  She is the one that will have me doubled over in laughter when I’m trying to discipline her.  Awful thing… {wink}

Busy is…
A giggle in the midst of rain
A light in the dark…actually she’s most likely the creepy laugh you hear in the dark
She’s strong and courageous 
She's protective and fierce
She's as smart as the book she’s trying 
to avoid reading
She’s an artist
She understands more than she should
She’s Hypothyroidism and Type 1 Diabetes
She’s stronger than your average man
She’s laughter in the searing pain
She’s color in the dark and dreary world
She’s a voice of support and a fit of laughter
She’s wild and quirky, grateful and loyal to a fault

She’s Breelyn, Breezy, Busy Bee….Busy 

She’s mine and she’s wonderfully imperfect
just the way I breed ‘em in this family.
But Perfectly Busy Shea…

Happy Birthday Cupcake!



Thursday, September 29, 2011

Procrastination at it's finest...

So last night I was thinking about what to blog and then I realized someone very familiar has re-entered the room.  Who you ask?  Procrastinating Pidg.  For reals yo!
{For the record,I don’t say “yo” normally.  But it did seem funny just now.}

So here’s what happened.  Right when I was desperately pleading with my mind to come up with something profound to write…{Translation, I was looking at Halloween decorations on Etsy} Procrastination reared it’s ugly head.

* I thought about posting… then wrote a guest post for Nay instead. 
{She will probably fire me. It’s kind of ridiculous.} 

* I thought about posting… then decided to jump back into the book I’m working on.  Oh hey, question.  Should they realize they love each other before she’s going back home, or as she’s about to leave?  I don’t do love stories where should we go with this?  These two characters are literally standing in a living room waiting for that decision to be made.  Their legs must be getting tired too.
{Hmm…I’ll let you ponder that one while I continue procrastinating everything else.}

* I thought about posting… then I turned to watch my fabulous husband play online because I’m supportive in that way.  And bored.  And procrastinating.  And well…honestly, I wasn’t even watching the game.  I was watching him; because I think he’s nice to look at and I’m creepy like that.

* I thought about posting… then I checked Facebook again for ABSOLUTELY no reason.  No ones even up, except Salena who probably gets irritated with my blog stalking and all.
Dang it Nay, get internet at home so I can stalk you too.  {Awkward silence…}

* I thought about posting… then grabbed soda.  Hey, at least I’m smiling again.

* I thought about posting… then went back to my book.  The characters are really coming together.  I think I like the storyline.  I think I tell a good story, but my writing style?  I have no idea.  Anyway, I got another 15 pages done.   
{Not on my blog}

* I thought about posting and well…this is what I came up with.  The other idea was even more lame.  {But I saved it and will probably throw it at you when I’m in another slump.} Wink

Moral of this story?  Don’t be like Pidg, not the procrastinating one anyway.  She’s sad and silly and likes to surprise you when you’re just about to be productive.  She’s jealous of all over-achievers {Actually they don’t bother her at all.  She’s really just glad they’re in this world so she can be a slacker}  She also thinks she’s very, very funny; when generally she’s not.   
{Yes she is.  I can hear her laughing right now.}

If you need me, I’ll be standing in the “living room” with my new friends. 



Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What kind of Mom are you?

Did you miss me? 
{Wait don’t answer that.  I don’t like the smirk on your face.}

Okay, so today I am linking up with the lovely Leilani from
 I just loved her last post on the type of Mom she is…so without further delaying, procrastination and ohmygosh hurry the kids have an early dismissal day and will be home from school in 2.5 seconds…here goes…

I’m the type of Mom that…

-Breastfed all of my babies
-Shared my bed with all of my babies…sometimes more than one at a time…okay often more than one child at a time…Oh, wait come to think of it, they still dog pile in my bed every chance they get
-Jumped for joy when they went into Kindergarten; then cried when I saw them walk away
-Goes to the bus stop every morning even though it’s at the end of our driveway; simply because it’s just a few more moments they want me to spend with them
-laughs when I’m mad at them because I give them the authority to be awful and funny at the same time
-pulls the mom card on my best friends without them feeling betrayed because they know it’s my  
God given right 
 to look after them
-has midnight snacks with my kids who share my insomnia
-sneaks them out occasionally super late to run to Jack in the Box dollar menu because it’s 
-threatens to beat them when they don’t do their chores; then does their chores and feels blessed I am granted the opportunity to serve them
-learns daily from my babies
-checks on them still in the middle of the night
-Improvises to the fullest extent of any given situation
-Stays up way too late with my babies just talking about nothing
-Doesn’t get enough work done for the time I spend with my kids.  They often need to talk  
sometimes about less than important things} 
but they ALWAYS need to be heard.   
{That’s where I come in}
-keeps them close because I know of loss
-talks to my baby girl in college daily because I know of closeness
-still kisses them on the forehead 
-gives them more sweets than they should have
-gives in too much on the little stuff
-meets them at the bus and is blessed to get hugs from each of them including my middle school and high school girls {Yes! Right in front of the entire bus loaded with their peers.  Incidentally, they do that at school too AND yell “I love you Mama!” across the parking lot.}
-aches when they ache
-laughs when they laugh
-misses them terribly when they’re gone
-counts carbs even when my diabetic child isn’t with me
-remembers each year the two dates of my two miscarriages
-has spiritual thought coupled with family prayer each night but gets excited for the spiritual insight they give back to me
-loves to sit back and watch who they are becoming daily
-is blessed beyond measure I was allowed to make a partnership with my Heavenly Father to raise these amazing human beings
-loves unconditionally because that is all they have ever shown me
-would do it all again

What kind of Mama are you?

P.S.  I'm sorry I haven't really been inspired to blog lately.  We have a lot of kind of major things in the works and I'm climbing back up the ladder of  {focus, focus, focus!} which as you know is {difficult, difficult, difficult! wink}  Be patient I'll be back to entertain soon.  But a post that I can talk about my babies...that's always tempting!



Monday, September 26, 2011

Not much to say...

So, I’m in a good mood today.  I really don’t know how that happened.  We had a pretty awful experience this weekend with my Moi. 
Am I going to post it?  No.   
Am I going to bury something in the archives of the infamous Mr. B?  Maybe.   
Did my mama call and cheer me up because she can do that even when we’re talking about frustrating life experiences?  Yup!

She’s good what can I say.  She has that same bellowing laugh and we both hold our hands over our hearts and throw our heads back when we have a really good guffaw…it’s quite obnoxious really.  But it works and now I’m smiling again.

So, I did clean up this weekend.  {Huh?  Why do you always have to bring up the craft room? Sheesh..}
Anyways I did clean up ‘other’ rooms in the house preparing for the babies to come home and destroy.  
 Hey I did my part and they do theirs; we’re a team! 

Umm…What else?  Oh, Po is off for the week.  Last week, during my awful Thursday night that went into Friday morning and sealed it’s sweetness with a flat tire I did finally change the tire at the end of the day with my trusty sidekick husband right there with me.  We laughed a lot.  It had been a bazillion years since either of us had changed a tire and we were both happy that we didn’t have to do it in a public place where they would have seen my extremely frustrated self almost dive underneath the vehicle to wrestle with the spare.   Luckily, Po found the release, I changed it, he strong armed the lug-nuts…it was a glorious date let me tell you.  Oh, how I love family togetherness. 

So he’s off plugging that tire and I decided to jump on here and catch up with some bloggin’ love.  Why am I late today?  Uhh..I didn’t really want to blog.  I’m still not really blogging I’m babbling.
 {I do that from time to time…okay a lot} 
But I really just wanted to say Hey to all of you and I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  

 I have found that through all of the mayhem and ‘series of unfortunate events’ if you will; at the end of the day I’m so thankful for my family.   
I’m glad to have my babies back home where they can  harass me in person and trash their room and leave crumbs on the tables and shoes on the floor.   I'm glad my Mama calls when neither of us knew she needed to.
I’m just grateful today, so I thought I’d share.

Happy Monday!




 Here's a reminder about the 

for more PidgApeg jewelry going on over at Scissors and a Wisk.  Go jump in there! {wink}

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The super glue incident

So, this is what happened over the weekend when the kids were at Mr. B’s.  My brilliantly wonderful Hanna; the one with intelligence pouring from her brain yet colored with an over-abundance of ADHD got super glue in her eye. 
{Yah, I know.  If you know Hanna it seems so right doesn’t it?} 
I still can’t figure out how she did it even when she tells me first hand.

Moi was helping her flush her eye.  Most of it was just on her face.  Hanna was of course crying partly because she was scared and partly out of embarrassment.  Mr. B, hearing the commotion, yelled several times from the couch in the living room, “What’s wrong?”
{No, he didn’t get up.}

Finally Moi got tired of the yelling and told him he should come and see.  Basically there was a hysterical, over-reaction, argumentative several moments {not by Moi} until Mr. B grabbed Moi by the arm {Haven’t I mentioned my Moi is a small thing?} and literally threw her out of the bathroom tossing her into the hallway.  Busy was on the outside of the bathroom witnessing it and Hanna witnessed it {with one eye} from inside the bathroom.

Long story short.

Moi has bruises in the shape of fingertips on her bicep.  No one can help and no one seems to take it as serious as we do.  Sure I’ve ‘removed’ my children from situations but bruising?  That’s not alright.  Yelling and telling them the horrible things that were said to her?  Not alright.  Well, I was told by someone I feel has authority that all I can tell you is, “Try to avoid any confrontation.”  What the?  Did you just tell that to me and my daughter? 
 As if she caused this to be done? 

You know what came to mind immediately?  When a woman/girl is raped and they immediately ask what she was wearing; placing the blame on her.   

Never, is it acceptable to take away a child’s rights and physically harm them.   
Avoid confrontation? 
 Do you know what I’ve done for 15 years?   
 Let me say this with clarity…
 It simply isn’t possibly nor is his agency in my control.  If that were the case, our marriage would have lasted.

I’ll be honest.  What I share here and what I’ve told others is the frost, not the blizzard.  My parents, my closest friend, my husband do not know what I’ve gone through the several years I was married to this man.  It would break them.  I promise you.  It almost broke me.  I didn’t fight back, document, say out-loud or even whisper a plea of help.  I tried to save my marriage.   
But my children, that’s a whole different ball game.   
They’re my everything
How weak is the man that picks on women and children?

We think we have someone who is willing to listen.  Willing to document these happenings and not judge my daughter, who is a minor, as if she were the one to release rage from a grown {largely grown might I add} man. 

We haven’t lost hope.  We just got knocked down a few steps.   
But we’re okay…as long as we’re together. 



Never too Old to Learn or Ever to Young to Teach...

I am certain I am not alone when I say I wear several hats.  Well, one of those is teacher.  Friday was one of those days.  I get to teach a craft class for a skilled nursing group AND home school kids.  The retirement community is wonderful and in their search for activities and fun for their residents they also know how much they love being around the children.  So, I get the privilege of teaching both sets of wonderful people at the same time.  
 {No sarcasm in that one, I truly love it!}

I usually bring my kids with me and this was the first time I didn’t get to.  I was sad and I know they missed it.   They really enjoy it even my boys.  They don’t see anything different about them.  They do see the joy in their expressions when my children spend time with them.  The conversations that are laced with thick, fog-like dementia often remind my children of conversations with their own mother.
  {Touching, I know.  Wink}

This class was chosen by the students. 
They chose the theme:  Back to school
{Wait?  Seriously?  Who let them choose that?}   
Skilled nursing people they’re not going back to school…and neither are the kids…they’re home schooled.  I mean come on…Oh, you can tell I was perturbed in them deciding the theme?  Really?   
{Mental Note:  Work on subtlety. …and possibly tolerating other people choosing my themes.}

So to my own wonder and amazement I came up with the thought: “You’re never to old to learn or ever to young to teach.”  Profound right?  {wink}  We made a school themed picture frame with that little saying inside it.  They loved it.  The kids crafted their lil hearts out and the residents just watched with absolute joy as the children created, smiled, giggled and discussed their projects with them. 

Oh, I wish I could sit and bury you in one of my long winded posts about the conversations I had and heard with the residents.  But I won’t.  I don’t think.  I can’t promise.  Uhh…I’ll try not to.

Here was my main thought.  I have a favorite, Ms. Pricilla.   She’s wonderful and warm and funny and I fancy myself to be her in about 50 years.  {If I could be so lucky.}  Well, when I got to our class she wasn’t there.   

She’s always early.  Not today.  
 I began passing out supplies and getting the kids started.  I helped Mr. Ryan who smiled warmly and asked if he could just watch me make his for him.  I could tell, back in the day, he had charmed his wife into doing chores for him I bet.  And I bet she enjoyed it even knowing he was charming her. 

I looked around, no Ms. Pricilla.  She loves to make the crafts.  Sure she loves the kids but she really enjoys working with her hands.  When I made these chunky little do-do birds out of clay and brought them in for the residents/children to paint, Pricilla had to paint 4 of them because she had 4 girls.  She didn’t have time to finish the fourth so I gave her one of my samples.  She was so touched.  It doesn’t matter if she sees her girls or remembers even making those silly birds.  It matters that at that moment she is making something with her own two hands for her 4 girls; that’s the worth.

Halfway through the class, still no Ms. Pricilla…  Michael, who was coordinating the group, was buzzing in and out of the room.   

{Holy moly could I write an entire post about him.  He is the warmest most sincere human being on this planet.  He doesn’t even have to work, he’s financially well-off.  He is there because he loves it.  He adores those residents and they feel it.  I am honestly tearing up just thinking about the love I have witnessed between he and the residents}

 I didn’t want to ask Michael where she was.  I’ve noticed, the steady decline since I started teaching these classes several months ago.  I’ve seen Pricilla’s memory slip a bit more, her sores become more evident and her fatigue grow quicker.  I just didn’t want to ask so I continued the class. 

I began cleaning up when I turned to the hallway.  There she was, being pushed in by a nurse.  I’m pretty certain I may have stumbled on myself  trying to get across the room to her.  I knelt beside her in her wheelchair and giggled when she perked up at the excitement in the room.  She asked if she had time to make a frame.  She settled when I gave her my sample since it was already time for dinner.  We talked for a bit.  Turns out she had been at the eye doctor for 4 hours.  {Highly unlikely} Then, one of her girls sent a huge bag of winter clothes and she had to dump them out and go through them all.  AND it turns out that she’s not getting a new prescription for her glasses, she just can’t see, that’s all.  {I love her.}  She makes my day.  I think about her often and wish I would make the time to go and see her not just during my classes.   

I appreciate these moments.  I am so grateful to be able to spend time with them and catch glimpses of the people that are still there, buried inside a body that is fragile and worn.  I appreciate what I have in my age and stage in life.   I’m pretty sure I am the one being taught in these classes.

That’s all.  I just wanted to share that little tid-bit of sweetness I have in my life.  If ever you have the chance to perk up someone’s day that might be in need of a little company, I highly recommend it.  I promise, you’ll be the one that comes out filled.

Two funny side notes and then I’m done….I swear it!

Side Note #1:  The first time I took all of my kids to the class I told the boys you can’t call them old people you need to call them “Residents.”  They did wonderful and never messed up.  A few days later we were at home and the dogs were barking.  I asked Ethan what they were barking at.  He looked out the window and told me, “Oh, they’re barking at the residents.”  Me:  “Huh?”  I looked out the window and there was an elderly couple holding hands walking down the street.  The girls and I about fell over.  I love how literal kids are!

Side Note#2: At the class one of our residents introduced herself to Mr. Ryan.  {Bytheway, he seems a little more put together in the mental department.  I think physically, is why he is in skilled nursing.}  So she looks to him and asks, “Oh, do you live near here?”
Hahahaha!  It was so precious!  He sweetly smiles at her and says, “Oh yes, very near.”

Happy Weekend!  My babies are gone so I’ll be cleaning the house…so they can mess it up….so I can have worth.  I had a thought today as I found one of Lil Man’s cars in my craft box.  {Hidden from his brother no doubt.}  It won’t be long when I don’t find those little surprises anymore.  I imagine there will be a post coming on that one pretty soon.


P.S.  I totally lied.  Dang…there is no short and sweet with me huh?

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Abc's of Pidg...

Okay so while I would love to pretend I’m being creative…I’m not.  I got this cute idea from the 

wondermous Nay over at 
and she got it from

Lena over at

 and before that I don’t really know… 

What I do know is that I am not feeling creative, nor motivated to put my brain to work on anything that makes much sense or even has a touch of humor.  Did I say tired?  Maybe I meant cranky and frustrated…exhausted and unheard and wired and bitter and hahaha!  I really had you goin’ didn’t I?  I just need a soda.  I’m good.

This was pretty fun though I had a good time getting to know Nay. 
 You should too by the way she’s just... just sparkly stars and hearts all over!
I can’t get enough of her blog and her friendship!

Okey Dokey…the Abc’s of Pidg…

A. Age:
B. Bed Size:
Queen, but we could seriously sleep in a twin.  Po is my heater!
C.  Chore That you Hate:
Putting away the clothes.  I don’t mind washing or folding, but putting aways…sheesh
D.  Dogs:
Jack & Charlie:  Singing dogs of New Guinea {they’re dingoes}
E.  Essential Part to your Day:
Soda…and mysterious weight gain.
F.  Favorite Color:
Green!  I love green.  My favorite shade is olive green..yah, I know pretty exciting!
G.  Gold or Silver:
Silver…more like aluminum foil…{wink}
H.  Height:
{Funny thing is the girls want to be taller than me…Not shootin’ real high there girls}
I.  Instruments:
My favorite is the piano.  I am so NOT musically inclined but the world needs an audience …that is me, an appreciator of talent who should not sing….ever….ever…
J.  Job Title:
I am the Operations Manager of everything unpaid.  With my current resume I am suited for a job as Mary Poppins…’cept the kids broke my umbrella and I can’t sing and I’m not as cheerful…and okay fine just call Nanny 911
K.  Kids:
Bailey {18} 
McKenna (Moi) {15}
Hanna {14}
Breelyn (Busy) {12}
Ethan {10}
Logan (Lil Man) {7}
Yes, they were all birthed from my body.  No, I didn’t drink the water.
L.  Live:
Western North Carolina… No, I’m not really sure how I got here from San Diego…
M.  Mother's Name:
{I like to call her Jodie Commodie…she doesn’t like that as much as me Ha!}
N.  Nicknames:
Pidg, And, Andi, Baby, Mamaz, Moochka {heart Moi} Mamacita, dork-face..oh wait that’s my real name {wink} and ONLY my Mama can get away with calling me {Annie} If anyone else says that, I think about the red-headed afro-girl from the original Annie movie and it makes me sorta well…violent… {wink}

O.  Overnight Hospital Stays:
Just birthin’ babies oh wait…and once when I discovered while 30 weeks pregnant with Busy that I was indeed allergic to shell-fish.  Bad…bad …
P.  Pet Peeves:
When there is water around the sink.  Even in a public bathroom I have to take a paper towel and wipe it off.
Q.  Quote from a Movie:
“Do you not realize I have had diarrhea since Easters?””…I kid you not a major quote in our family... Nacho Libre quite the celebrated hero
R.  Right or Left handed:
Right but I’m actually ambidextrous so I guess it depends on my mood…What?!
S.  Siblings:
Three older brothers…they don’t talk about me much…true story…
T.  Time You Wake Up:
5am Mon-Fri
7:30am weekends….score!
U.  Underwear:
Haha!  I just made you say “underwear!”
V.  Vegetable You Hate:
CARROTS!  Gag..gag….blechhh
W.  What makes you run late:
My glorious children; it’s not that they have trouble getting ready, it’s that they need ample time to fight. J
X.  X-Rays you've had:
Uhh….like everything and I have x-ray vision so that counts too I suppose. 
{You did notice the cape right?}
Y.  Yummy food that you make:
I make lots of yummy foods.  That’s why my fam keeps me around…  I can’t even narrow it down…I’m tired…but suddenly, strangely insanely hungry now.
Z.  Zoo animal:
Rhinos…they make me giddy
What about you?



Thursday, September 22, 2011

You're Irresistibly Sweet!

Nay has done it's award time!
I can’t believe I was awarded this sweet honor. 
I would like to thank the academy I mean
The most entertaining blogger and the blogger that is most easily entertained by me!
Nay from

 I still can’t believe I get awards with this blogging gig.  This never happens at home…I mean I have won
“Doer of the Dishes” on several occasions actually
And there was that time I received “Winner of the Washer”
Oh and “Tiara of the Trash-Taker-Outer”
I did receive the award “I ate the most-est of the Hostess” more than a few times.
And the joy of being the “The Birth of Mirth” and my all time favorite
“Princess of the Pooper-scooper”  that one actually makes me well up with tears.
“Winner of Cooking Dinner” “Blessed with the Messed” and
“Screaming, Reaming Mother of the Teenage War award”  that one …truly touching.
You know, this really is nice to take the time and reflect on my many awards throughout the years of Motherhood….so very blessed {wink}
I need tissue

So with that sappy walk of glory out of the way
Here are the rules….
 Thank and link to the person who nominates you -
{Gotter done!  Huh?  You missed it?  It’s RIGHT up there!  Fine.}
{Umm…yah I totally made that up.  But you can still click}

Share 7 Random Facts about yourself.

1. My husband still gives me “flutterbys” when he looks at me.

2. My mom is my best friend.  {She made me say that!} It’s an inside joke…but it’s true…she still made me say it.  I’ll blog on it soon.  Hi Mama!

3. You know those satin edges you put on baby blankets?  Well we call them “wubbies”.  I still have a blanket I keep with me that has that and I have to rub my fingers on it.  {Mama used to rub that edge on my cheek when I was a baby and I guess it stuck.  Maybe that’s why she’s my best friend.  Wink}

4. Really this is only #4?  Umm…My last name is German it means King of the Hill.  {My husband gave it to me}

5. I didn’t want to have any kids at all.  I wanted a career in the Military.  Now I have 6 kids and formed my own regime…they’re not as disciplined as I had hoped though.
{ Mental Note: Push off taking over the world until 2012.}

6. My favorite ice cream is Rocky Road

7. I am lactose-not-so-tolerant.  Rocky Road ice cream doesn’t like me back.

I bet you feel closer to me already.  Hey?  Where did everybody go?

Pass this award to five new blogging friends -
…and the award goes to:


Thanks again Nay...she always makes my day...especially because that rhymes....and she tolerates when I think I'm funny.  
{I'm funny...right?  Nay?  Nay? Hahaha...Okay, I'm done...}