Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Will work for Tomatoes...

I was recently blessed with a member of our church calling me and telling me she had access to some free tomatoes if I was interested in canning...umm...let me think.  Free food?  Heck yes I'm in! Thank you Melissa and Tara!!

So we cleaned and boxed up the little puppies and since then have been canning them as they ripen.  I should have taken pics of all 10 produce sized boxes that were littering my laundry room, but I just wasn't that quick to think.  Unfortunately, that's usually the case.

So feeling that family bonding on Saturday Mama came over and she and Busy and I started working..and working and laughing at the huge mess I made and so on.  Did I take pics?  Umm..no...I was elbow deep in 'maters.  But I did take pics of today when the girls came in to help some more.  One of our dear friends from church, Trudy, told us her rule to canning when her kids were younger.  She said, "Everyone must have a hand in it or they don't get to reap the rewards."  So, with that said, Busy and Moi sorted the heck out of these red little bulbs of joy.  

Busy told me not to post this picture, but let's be honest...how could I not.  She knew that too and finally just shook her head and giggled.  Hey if she wasn't such a ham I wouldn't be faced with such temptation!

Okay, so then Moi and Busy worked side by side with me blanching, cutting, and peeling these wonderful ruby gems of wonder.  {Yah, I kinda like tomatoes}

The best part about this picture is Moi had no idea what Busy was doing behind her!

On Saturday the boys helped peel them but I once again received the "bad mom award" and completely forgot to take pictures.  And then Hanna...wait...Hanna?  Where's Hanna?

Oh!  There she is, in the blue...wait what is she doing?  Oh, that's right, she's harassing her sisters.  I kid you not, the moment I came in with the camera she turned around and FAKED working!  Hahaha!  I swear I about died.  {Let's follow her for a minute and see what she does.}

                                                                  Is that a hotdog?
                                                             Why yes, yes it is...
                                 Aww...sweet girl, she's going to help Busy sort...

Wait?  Seriously..girls...Watch the TOMATOES!

Hanna, still holding the hotdog safely in her left hand as she elbows Busy with her right.

Please note Moi's legs in the background...she's just working away...this, well this, is what we do.
Ohhh...it looks like Hanna's going down!  {Still with hotdog safely in hand}
Wait, she's up and Busy seems disoriented...
Nope, she's up too...Get her Busy, she's in my room!!
Oww...major upset.  Hanna was waiting...Please note, Moi still working in the background.

So, with that out of the way...back to canning.  Ohmygoodness we had such a great time.  Well, I'll be honest, they drove me crazy.  But we had such a good time!  Way journal entry worthy!  
Do you like how I haven't even edited these pics and completely allow everyone to see the messy beyond messy kitchen?
This was our sorting and wiping station by the way.  I promise for those of you who have eaten or will eat at my house; I don't normally store my produce on the floor.
Glorious tomatoes skins, cores and water...if we had our chickens which we won't until next Spring they would think it was glorious too!

Enter Logan: "Hey, tomato guts.  I should really be involved with this."
"OH!  A camera!  I should definitely be involved with this.  And no, I still don't wear shirts."
Oh and here's Bill, canning tomatoes on his new Xbox Live canning tomatoes game....{cricket, cricket}  Or Halo Reach...but seriously, he did help cut, core and peel.  He also lifts heavy objects, wears a cape and makes a mean soda.  Truth be told I just put him in  here cuz I really, really like him.  {wink}
So...at the end of the day we had much accomplished, many poor pictures taken and awesome memories made.  I love my family, I love tomatoes and Hanna loves hotdogs.

AND come to find out, tomatoes love to be canned!  {I swear this is how I found this core.  He's happy and he made the rest of us smile.  He was smiling in our last batch of the day.  (No, we're not done yet...just for the day)  And no Busy, you cannot keep him! 



  1. Yeah!!!! Love the post. I could use your crew at my house. I have two more boxes to go.

  2. Yep, you're a writer, this post was amazing, funny, and beautiful! Laugh? Why yes, Yes I did!!! Thanks for making me smile! So glad you posted this adventure!


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