Saturday, August 20, 2011


So...{releases deep breath} we are going through some crazy heck right now as a family.  Stressed?  Me?, not at all, why...well...wait...what was the question?

Okay, all joking aside...{laughs again} But for reals..(I love saying 'for reals' as an adult; it really irritates other adults) Oh sorry, back to topic.  In all honesty, we are going through some stuff.  As a matter of fact since you mentioned STRESS...okay fine, I mentioned stress I will tell you this little thing I told my Mama the other day.  

"Mama, I have decided that I'm not going to call it stress anymore.   I'm just going to say I'm CONCERNED It just sounds like I'm more in control of things."  
You like that?  I did.  It helped me get through that day anyways... 

I did make this deal with Heavenly Father the other day.  We make a lot of deals actually.  I must say it would be a heck of a lot more convenient to make a deal with someone who would answer "Heck yes, I'm in."  But then again, I probably wouldn't learn a whole lot about faith, prayer and the Spirit.   
{It was just a thought.  wink}

Anyways...the deal was I would give Him my troubles.  That's it simply put.   He saw this coming He knows exactly how we feel.  He felt it first.   It's funny to think how predictable we are to Him.  I realize this isn't an epiphany, but I have just recently put it into practice... 
That faith, without lingering doubt, that allows you to fully place your life in HIS hands.  

I am filled with peace.  (Not concern...wink)  
I am grafted into a quilt of turmoil and intolerance; selfishness and greed; thoughtlessness and awful determination to bring me to me knees.  

I the way... on my knees...and thankful to be there.  In that moment of fear; the fear of losing what is most precious I am reminded of my part, the part I am responsible for.  I was reminded in a song from one of my very favorite singer/songwriters, Kenneth Cope...

The song is "More" and here is what stuck out to me 
(I had no intention of copying out the entire song, but you almost have to.  It's so inspiring)

 More steady…More sure…More trusted…More pure
Some say it doesn’t matter
More trained and more aware…More aim to get me there
I climb this far - You raise the bar - You want my heart
More fierce desire to stand against the wind
More blazing fire when dark is closing in
A more love inspired change within
So there’s more and more of me to give
More words to learn and know… More etched upon my soul
Some say it doesn’t matter
More tried… More true
Less me and MUCH MORE YOU
I stretch this tall - You sound the call - You want my all
More fierce desire to stand against the wind
More blazing fire when dark is closing in
A more love inspired change within
You keep reaching out…you’re calling out to me
For More strength in shoulders to face the war with sin
More wise and bolder to save the souls of men
A more faithful soldier to the end
You want more and more of me to give
More love… More light… More purpose… More serve with all my might
I need more hope… More faith… More patience… each day I pray for more
More and more of me to give
More fire… More zeal… More spirit to know what’s real
More courage … More joy… More… more of me to give
More grateful… More true… More humble to trust and do
You call - I hear
I’ll walk the path that’s set in stone
My heart is fixed on getting home
And what on earth could ever matter more?
More and more of ME to give… speaks to me...and right nowIt's LOUD and CLEAR.
Lock and Load...I'm on the right side of the battle.  And my purpose has nothing to do with a temporal existence.  I'm fighting, if you will, for Eternity, and They are so worth it. {hearts in my eyes}

 For anyone who wants to hear the song the link is below. 

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