Saturday, August 27, 2011


So, my kids are gone.  {sigh}… They enjoyed school by the way.  Thankfully.  We are definitely off to a much better start this year than last.  Of course Busy was in the hospital last year for the first two days of school.  It did put a damper on things. 

Okay, so they're at their dad’s house.  He moved down here just recently.  While I won’t go in to any of that; that is where they are.  They'll be back tomorrow. 

Today though, I have worked on PidgApeg Cottage and gotten a few things done I have been trying to accomplish for quite some time.  The windows are open and the wind whispers through the room as if it's holding the secret of Fall in it’s breath.  I mean, it is gorgeous today; absolutely lovely.  Just the sound of outside is refilling; considering I've been locked inside with the AC due to allergies for virtually the entire Summer.  Well, that and humidity is my enemy.  
It lurks and waits and watches for that moment I have to take the dogs out.  Then, as if a vulture to it’s prey, it attacks my hair and my locks SPRING out of curl into violent frizzy broom-like pinwheels. 

But hey…that’s another story in itself!  {wink}

The thought for today was my kids.  They're awful.  They really are ya know?  For those of you that know my kids you'd be surprised to find they are truly planners of no good!  Haha!  Wait, that strangely sounds like their mother.  Okay but what I guess I'm wondering today is how can I miss them as if their departure was so long ago?  I mean, I saw them after school on Friday.   

Why can't I enjoy the time they are away and use it for myself like everyone is always telling me? 

So then, this thought occurred to me.  Maybe because in all of the daily crud we go through together at the end of said day, that loyalty, that "we belong to each other" factor is what matters most.  It guides us through the trials and keeps us snuggly warm when we can't be together at night.  They're 'mine' and for better or worse, I am theirs.

I like missing them.  I guess I like that I do miss them.  Because truth be told after all of the crazy and joking is laid to the side they are the single reason I was put on this earth.  They are equally my challenge and my purpose; my heart and my last nerve; my wits end and my light at the end of the path. 

Horrible things...they didn’t even do their chores before they left.  But know what?  I can't wait until they come home and not do them here! 

Happy Weekend!



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