Thursday, August 25, 2011

Good Morning!!!!!

Good Morning!!!!  Do you know why I’m smiling? 



I am almost embarrassed…{almost} embarrassed at how excited I am.  That means I get to:

  1. Shower at a reasonable time
  2. Organize my workspace without interruption
  3. Work on my shops/blog/emails/housework without any interruption
  4. I don’t have to make lunch for anyone {that happens at night now…when I pack lunches}
  5. Miss them, so when they come back home I am Happeeeeeeeeeeee….

Here’s how it went down this morning…

Lunches were all packed the night before and lined up ready to go.   
{Yes, after this pic I realized how sad and lonely my kitchen wall is}

Moi goes to seminary in the morning.  For those of you who are not LDS it’s like an early morning Church/Bible study.  High School students attend every morning that school is in session.  And believe it or not, no I do not have to force her or even coax her.  She chooses it if you can imagine!

And this is what happened when I asked sweet little Moi if I could get a few pics for my blog…

That’s how we entertain ourselves at 5:30am.  So at 6:00 she flew the coop…then I woke up the others.  What’s for breakfast you ask?

See all of that beautiful fruit?  It’s pretty I know…but wait!

Hey look!  The doughnut fairy came! 
{that’s what Logan calls it}

More lunches?  Nope, those are all of Busy’s diabetic treatment bags I give to each teacher.  Just in case they can't get to her bag for some reason.   

On a side note in the State of North Carolina by law they must have in place in each school at least 2 people who are trained in diabetes at all times.  My girl’s Middle School sends each and every one of Busy’s (and all the other Diabetics) teachers to a diabetes training so they are prepared for anything that might happen.
{Yah, I’m tearing up.  It makes me feel safe…they know I will sit in the office…I’m protective that way…}
{I heart you AVMS} 

So the boys asked what their lunch bags looked like this year…I handed them these. 
{Hahahahahhaha!  These are the best moments of motherhood if you ask me!!!!}

Just trickin’ boys…go eat your doughnuts so you can be healthy and strong!

Oh, dang it.  Busy's distracted.  Hanna go put up your hairbows!

Waiting for the bus.  Look at the little notes on the back of their backpacks.  Dang those notes…they make me all sappy everytime.   
{Note Reads:  If found, please call….Hahahaha!!!

Okay, I’m sorry…I’m done…again.  Note really just says, name, bus, teacher.  But they’re so sweet because they’re on my sweet boys.

One last picture as we watch the bus turn around when he realized he missed us.  {We recently moved, it's not Mr. Bus Driver's fault.  
FYI he had a cowboy hat on, he's totally in.}

Okay, maybe one more...

Bye's a new school for them.  They're tough and strong and resilient and adapt easily and ...and...please, please, please have a good day and everyone be nice and love my boys and ...{sniff}

You can't see it.  But my little pups are glued to the back window waving.  Hmm..that list above..not as cool as it was  a minute ago.  

Okay, so everything went perfect!  Except for the Middle School bus never came.  But what evs, we live a few minutes from the school.  That's the only reason I agreed to let them all ride the bus anyways.  {I'm such a weenie}  

I love school.  I love their independence.  I love seeing them grow, learn, become more.  But all in good time.  For now, that wildly yellow bus can keep dropping off my little varmints everyday.  And even though the silence is shattered and so is most of the order in my home as they walk through that door... I'll take it.  

The bus may not come and pick me up in the mornings anymore but in this world, I am the student and they the teachers.

So today as I run around doing the above mentioned list of items.  'uninterrupted' I'll still miss them desperately.  But please don't tell them.  I like to pretend I'm tough...
{but something tells me, they see right through me..heehee} you hear it?
My house is quiet...for now....{wink}  



  1. Hope your kids have a great school year. I'm glad to see you are posting more often. Your really good at it.

  2. Love your blog!
    Not sure if I commented last time I stopped by, lol, but you are on my list of favs ;) My oldest started kinder Monday (isn't thursday an odd day to start school? lol) I've got a post about it toooo. You should stop in and take a peek! Not sure I am as entertaining as you are though, but my kids are cute so that's gotta count for something, right? Lol.

    Yay for some peace and quiet for you! I still have one at home, but it's nice not having to referee all dang day! Haha.

  3. Thanks Melissa! You actually inspired me to start blogging...betcha didn't know that huh? :)

    Marcy Kay, I just stopped by your blog, your girls are to die for cute! And yes, who came up with Thursday? When I was a kid we always started the Tuesday after labor day of course my kids think I rode a covered wagon to school I guess that's just old fashioned! Haha!


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