Tuesday, August 30, 2011

10 things I love about Fall...

 Linking up with Miss Mommy today for her Ten on Tuesday.  So, I'm thinking what can I narrow anything down to only10 things... 

Oh!  Fall.  

Because that's pretty much what I think about all year round!  Wait...only ten?  I can do this.  {snicker} I love, love, LOVE Fall!  And today, it feels like it's trying to come...so here goes...My very favorite-est time of year!

1.   As everyone knows...I love Back to school! {wink wink}

2.  When they are at school, I love to make Fall crafts!

3. But I also love Fall because of Halloween...not just the costumes and fun activities but because of the crafts I get to do with the kids...we love making stuff!  
{I guess we don't really need an occasion..we make it up as we go...I know you're surprised}

4.  I absolutely love the smell and look of fall.  We get such beautifully subtle sunsets and sunrises out here in North Carolina.
 {My daughter Moi took this pic}

 5. With the weather changes we also get the most amazing scenery too!  I have always had this strange obsession with leaves so I go crazy during this season of beautiful raining color!
 {Moi took this pic too...she's good!}

 6. Snuggling in warm quilts and blankets because the weather begs me to!

7.  In North Carolina we are spoiled with Orchards galore; mainly apple.  But this is a farm right down from my house that has amazing yummy things and you can pick your own too.  I feel so blessed we get to drive by these wonders everyday!

8.  I love tomatoes {and all fresh yummies}  Need I say more?  Huh?  Oh, okay...I love to eat them, can them, cook with them and look at them.  And tomatoes, they smile back {wink}

9.  I love fall for baking.  
{Okay...like I don't bake year round...but still} 
  I mean something about baking in Autumn is just warmer and cozier and smells better and full of taste...simply because it's fall.

10.  And Ohmygoodness...I love when we're deep in the season and silently comes the frost.  Winter has some amazing stuff, but the first frosts of Fall are like...just wow.

{On a side note...you know how I love side notes...
My Cinderella pumpkins were featured in a treasury with this person and I felt it a privilege.  Oh yes, I did.}

I will have you know, this narrowing down Fall to 10 things was very stressful...And you know how I like to elaborate...but I attempted to contain myself.  If you ever feel like talking about Fall in the middle of Spring...I'm your girl!

Happy Tuesday!


Miss Mommy


  1. Loved this post! Visiting from the linky party... and I'm a new follower! :)

  2. I LOVE Fall too!~ I'm a new follower from Miss Mommy's linky par-tay! It's always more fun with friends! Come check my blog out if you get a chance sometime~!
    ~Lisa @ organizedchaos-lisa.blogspot.com

  3. Thanks to both of you! I was so proud of myself I actually figured out how to link up...yah, I'm the slow one of the group! I already follow both of you yay for me! Thanks so much for stopping by:)

  4. Thanks for linking up! I'm over fall and the cold weather though...I'm ready for Spribg & Summer here in Melbourne! xx

  5. Ummmm....How was I not following you before?? I could have sworn I was! So with that said - I'M SORRY! :) Love your top 10s though, and that last picture - so beautiful! I keep meaning to tell you on FB you have like 8 pieces in your etsy shop I would love to have - Im going to have to start an Xmas list for the hubs :)

  6. Oh how I heart Fall too!!! Can't wait for all the pumpkin spice, holiday scents and cooler, sweater wearing weather! Yippeee! Stumbled upon your lovely blog and I'm so glad I did...love it and all your talk of Fall! :)

    Liesl :)


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