Tuesday, August 30, 2011

10 things I love about Fall...

 Linking up with Miss Mommy today for her Ten on Tuesday.  So, I'm thinking what can I narrow anything down to only10 things... 

Oh!  Fall.  

Because that's pretty much what I think about all year round!  Wait...only ten?  I can do this.  {snicker} I love, love, LOVE Fall!  And today, it feels like it's trying to come...so here goes...My very favorite-est time of year!

1.   As everyone knows...I love Back to school! {wink wink}

2.  When they are at school, I love to make Fall crafts!

3. But I also love Fall because of Halloween...not just the costumes and fun activities but because of the crafts I get to do with the kids...we love making stuff!  
{I guess we don't really need an occasion..we make it up as we go...I know you're surprised}

4.  I absolutely love the smell and look of fall.  We get such beautifully subtle sunsets and sunrises out here in North Carolina.
 {My daughter Moi took this pic}

 5. With the weather changes we also get the most amazing scenery too!  I have always had this strange obsession with leaves so I go crazy during this season of beautiful raining color!
 {Moi took this pic too...she's good!}

 6. Snuggling in warm quilts and blankets because the weather begs me to!

7.  In North Carolina we are spoiled with Orchards galore; mainly apple.  But this is a farm right down from my house that has amazing yummy things and you can pick your own too.  I feel so blessed we get to drive by these wonders everyday!

8.  I love tomatoes {and all fresh yummies}  Need I say more?  Huh?  Oh, okay...I love to eat them, can them, cook with them and look at them.  And tomatoes, they smile back {wink}

9.  I love fall for baking.  
{Okay...like I don't bake year round...but still} 
  I mean something about baking in Autumn is just warmer and cozier and smells better and full of taste...simply because it's fall.

10.  And Ohmygoodness...I love when we're deep in the season and silently comes the frost.  Winter has some amazing stuff, but the first frosts of Fall are like...just wow.

{On a side note...you know how I love side notes...
My Cinderella pumpkins were featured in a treasury with this person and I felt it a privilege.  Oh yes, I did.}

I will have you know, this narrowing down Fall to 10 things was very stressful...And you know how I like to elaborate...but I attempted to contain myself.  If you ever feel like talking about Fall in the middle of Spring...I'm your girl!

Happy Tuesday!


Miss Mommy

Saturday, August 27, 2011


So, my kids are gone.  {sigh}… They enjoyed school by the way.  Thankfully.  We are definitely off to a much better start this year than last.  Of course Busy was in the hospital last year for the first two days of school.  It did put a damper on things. 

Okay, so they're at their dad’s house.  He moved down here just recently.  While I won’t go in to any of that; that is where they are.  They'll be back tomorrow. 

Today though, I have worked on PidgApeg Cottage and gotten a few things done I have been trying to accomplish for quite some time.  The windows are open and the wind whispers through the room as if it's holding the secret of Fall in it’s breath.  I mean, it is gorgeous today; absolutely lovely.  Just the sound of outside is refilling; considering I've been locked inside with the AC due to allergies for virtually the entire Summer.  Well, that and humidity is my enemy.  
It lurks and waits and watches for that moment I have to take the dogs out.  Then, as if a vulture to it’s prey, it attacks my hair and my locks SPRING out of curl into violent frizzy broom-like pinwheels. 

But hey…that’s another story in itself!  {wink}

The thought for today was my kids.  They're awful.  They really are ya know?  For those of you that know my kids you'd be surprised to find they are truly planners of no good!  Haha!  Wait, that strangely sounds like their mother.  Okay but what I guess I'm wondering today is how can I miss them as if their departure was so long ago?  I mean, I saw them after school on Friday.   

Why can't I enjoy the time they are away and use it for myself like everyone is always telling me? 

So then, this thought occurred to me.  Maybe because in all of the daily crud we go through together at the end of said day, that loyalty, that "we belong to each other" factor is what matters most.  It guides us through the trials and keeps us snuggly warm when we can't be together at night.  They're 'mine' and for better or worse, I am theirs.

I like missing them.  I guess I like that I do miss them.  Because truth be told after all of the crazy and joking is laid to the side they are the single reason I was put on this earth.  They are equally my challenge and my purpose; my heart and my last nerve; my wits end and my light at the end of the path. 

Horrible things...they didn’t even do their chores before they left.  But know what?  I can't wait until they come home and not do them here! 

Happy Weekend!



Thursday, August 25, 2011

Good Morning!!!!!

Good Morning!!!!  Do you know why I’m smiling? 



I am almost embarrassed…{almost} embarrassed at how excited I am.  That means I get to:

  1. Shower at a reasonable time
  2. Organize my workspace without interruption
  3. Work on my shops/blog/emails/housework without any interruption
  4. I don’t have to make lunch for anyone {that happens at night now…when I pack lunches}
  5. Miss them, so when they come back home I am Happeeeeeeeeeeee….

Here’s how it went down this morning…

Lunches were all packed the night before and lined up ready to go.   
{Yes, after this pic I realized how sad and lonely my kitchen wall is}

Moi goes to seminary in the morning.  For those of you who are not LDS it’s like an early morning Church/Bible study.  High School students attend every morning that school is in session.  And believe it or not, no I do not have to force her or even coax her.  She chooses it if you can imagine!

And this is what happened when I asked sweet little Moi if I could get a few pics for my blog…

That’s how we entertain ourselves at 5:30am.  So at 6:00 she flew the coop…then I woke up the others.  What’s for breakfast you ask?

See all of that beautiful fruit?  It’s pretty I know…but wait!

Hey look!  The doughnut fairy came! 
{that’s what Logan calls it}

More lunches?  Nope, those are all of Busy’s diabetic treatment bags I give to each teacher.  Just in case they can't get to her bag for some reason.   

On a side note in the State of North Carolina by law they must have in place in each school at least 2 people who are trained in diabetes at all times.  My girl’s Middle School sends each and every one of Busy’s (and all the other Diabetics) teachers to a diabetes training so they are prepared for anything that might happen.
{Yah, I’m tearing up.  It makes me feel safe…they know I will sit in the office…I’m protective that way…}
{I heart you AVMS} 

So the boys asked what their lunch bags looked like this year…I handed them these. 
{Hahahahahhaha!  These are the best moments of motherhood if you ask me!!!!}

Just trickin’ boys…go eat your doughnuts so you can be healthy and strong!

Oh, dang it.  Busy's distracted.  Hanna go put up your hairbows!

Waiting for the bus.  Look at the little notes on the back of their backpacks.  Dang those notes…they make me all sappy everytime.   
{Note Reads:  If found, please call….Hahahaha!!!

Okay, I’m sorry…I’m done…again.  Note really just says, name, bus, teacher.  But they’re so sweet because they’re on my sweet boys.

One last picture as we watch the bus turn around when he realized he missed us.  {We recently moved, it's not Mr. Bus Driver's fault.  
FYI he had a cowboy hat on, he's totally in.}

Okay, maybe one more...

Bye boys...it's a new school for them.  They're tough and strong and resilient and adapt easily and ...and...please, please, please have a good day and everyone be nice and love my boys and ...{sniff}

You can't see it.  But my little pups are glued to the back window waving.  Hmm..that list above..not as cool as it was  a minute ago.  

Okay, so everything went perfect!  Except for the Middle School bus never came.  But what evs, we live a few minutes from the school.  That's the only reason I agreed to let them all ride the bus anyways.  {I'm such a weenie}  

I love school.  I love their independence.  I love seeing them grow, learn, become more.  But all in good time.  For now, that wildly yellow bus can keep dropping off my little varmints everyday.  And even though the silence is shattered and so is most of the order in my home as they walk through that door... I'll take it.  

The bus may not come and pick me up in the mornings anymore but in this world, I am the student and they the teachers.

So today as I run around doing the above mentioned list of items.  'uninterrupted' I'll still miss them desperately.  But please don't tell them.  I like to pretend I'm tough...
{but something tells me, they see right through me..heehee}


Shh...do you hear it?
My house is quiet...for now....{wink}  


Monday, August 22, 2011

The attack...

So last night I was on the computer attempting to answer an important email...umm...well I'll be honest it was only important to the person waiting on the return email.. ;)  But needless to say, I was responding when suddenly from the kitchen...Well, I'll get to that...

THIS...is what I did last night...

Except for I took the pics this morning because I can only get bad pics during the day...at night you can't see them..heehee
Please note the amazing one handed tape job.  Yes, I am a professional...no, no one was home to help me.
Here's the good hand.  See that obnoxious turquoise spot?  Picture it as a chunk of skin taken out of my hand...except for the other hand.  The hand now known as "The Bad hand"  so sad... 

 A lovely dime size chunk of skin was lifted in a traumatic moment. I really wanted to post pics of the actual wound...it's so awesomely gross!  Thankfully I got the bleeding to slow so that I didn't have to take a trip to the ER...But I'm one of those spit on it and hold 'er tight kinda Mama's anyway.  (If it had been one of my children.  Oh yah, for them, it would have been bad.  I don't spit on their wounds. I take them to a doctor. wink)

So back to the attack.  There was fighting...screaming...gnashing of teeth..dishes being tossed about.  (Okay maybe not 'tossed about' but it sounded good...I could hear them 'clinking' okay?)

Here's where the attack took place.

Yah, right there.

Do you see?  The looming danger?  The snarling, vicious, premeditated mind of an assailant?
Well, here's a better view.  Yah, that thingy-do on the door frame.  You know, that object that isn't even sharp.  Yah, that thing...{sigh}
 Here's how it went down.  My two younger girls were fighting in the kitchen.  Why?  Because they didn't want to do the dishes and heaven forbid they do the chore together{On a side note.  I never ask them to do the dishes.}

They were fighting so I went into the kitchen and began first singing in my not meant to be sung out loud voice...a primary song.  "I want to be kind to everyone for that is right you see.  So I say to myself remember this...Kindness begins with me!"  Yah, they hate it when I do that. But to me, it just never gets old.  

The second time I came out of the room I was a bit firmer. Told them to work together or one of two things would happen.  

1. I would make one of them (the more ornery one) do it by herself or
2. After said task is finished I would assign another joint task.


I sat down to respond to my ridiculous email...I mean important email and low and behold screaming, fighting, gnashing of teeth {wait maybe those were my teeth} 

I stood up, threw my head phones on the table stormed towards my bedroom door that leads to the kitchen (yah...I know...access everywhere.  The weight gain is still a mystery)  Flung the door open with my left hand...poked my head in and screamed "Just get out!" while I leaned on the door frame.  

My thoughts?  Oh, just get those two punk-like children out of my kitchen so I can do the dishes in peace.  They stopped, I said it again.  "Get out! I will do the dishes.  Just make the fighting stop..." {Wait, my hand feels warm..why are they staring at me?}

Small pools of crimson were already decorating my kitchen floor. I turn back towards my room in a more than my usual calm voice and look at my husband.  "Umm..Baby, I cut my hand.  Umm bad."

I didn't know he could move that fast.  Or the girls for that matter...{hair blows in my face as their bodies disappear into the farthest room attached to the house.  
{snicker... that part was funny}

Everyone was worried...
BLOOD! ..so much blood...the dogs were freaking out...

Especially Jack!  He's a Mama's dog...and so naturally he was completely out of sorts.

Well, I don't know.  Maybe Charlie was more worried.  He was definitely giving Jack a run for his money on panic!

So that's it.  Possibly the most pathetic injury to date.  I still can't even figure out how I did it.  I've always been pretty talented that way.  It's true.  

But this morning, I mowed my parents lawn (push mower thankyouverymuch) one handed.  I showered and washed my curly nappy hair one handed, did laundry, swept, drove and got the lawn mower back out of my car...yes, all one handed.  But here's a tidbit of funny.  Know what I can't do?  Fold socks.  You know that little rolly thing you do?  Yah, can't do it.  Will my family ever survive these weeks of unfolded socks?  {sniff}

Well, that's all I've got for entertainment today!  Hope you guys are having a great Monday.  Be careful around door thingy-dos.  You can never be too careful!  I'm out!




Saturday, August 20, 2011


So...{releases deep breath} we are going through some crazy heck right now as a family.  Stressed?  Me?  Pshh...no, not at all, why...well...wait...what was the question?

Okay, all joking aside...{laughs again} But for reals..(I love saying 'for reals' as an adult; it really irritates other adults) Oh sorry, back to topic.  In all honesty, we are going through some stuff.  As a matter of fact since you mentioned STRESS...okay fine, I mentioned stress I will tell you this little thing I told my Mama the other day.  

"Mama, I have decided that I'm not going to call it stress anymore.   I'm just going to say I'm CONCERNED It just sounds like I'm more in control of things."  
You like that?  I did.  It helped me get through that day anyways... 

I did make this deal with Heavenly Father the other day.  We make a lot of deals actually.  I must say it would be a heck of a lot more convenient to make a deal with someone who would answer "Heck yes, I'm in."  But then again, I probably wouldn't learn a whole lot about faith, prayer and the Spirit.   
{It was just a thought.  wink}

Anyways...the deal was I would give Him my troubles.  That's it simply put.   He saw this coming He knows exactly how we feel.  He felt it first.   It's funny to think how predictable we are to Him.  I realize this isn't an epiphany, but I have just recently put it into practice... 
That faith, without lingering doubt, that allows you to fully place your life in HIS hands.  

I am filled with peace.  (Not concern...wink)  
I am grafted into a quilt of turmoil and intolerance; selfishness and greed; thoughtlessness and awful determination to bring me to me knees.  

I am...by the way... on my knees...and thankful to be there.  In that moment of fear; the fear of losing what is most precious I am reminded of my part, the part I am responsible for.  I was reminded in a song from one of my very favorite singer/songwriters, Kenneth Cope...

The song is "More" and here is what stuck out to me 
(I had no intention of copying out the entire song, but you almost have to.  It's so inspiring)

 More steady…More sure…More trusted…More pure
Some say it doesn’t matter
More trained and more aware…More aim to get me there
I climb this far - You raise the bar - You want my heart
More fierce desire to stand against the wind
More blazing fire when dark is closing in
A more love inspired change within
So there’s more and more of me to give
More words to learn and know… More etched upon my soul
Some say it doesn’t matter
More tried… More true
Less me and MUCH MORE YOU
I stretch this tall - You sound the call - You want my all
More fierce desire to stand against the wind
More blazing fire when dark is closing in
A more love inspired change within
You keep reaching out…you’re calling out to me
For More strength in shoulders to face the war with sin
More wise and bolder to save the souls of men
A more faithful soldier to the end
You want more and more of me to give
More love… More light… More purpose… More serve with all my might
I need more hope… More faith… More patience… each day I pray for more
More and more of me to give
More fire… More zeal… More spirit to know what’s real
More courage … More joy… More… more of me to give
More grateful… More true… More humble to trust and do
You call - I hear
I’ll walk the path that’s set in stone
My heart is fixed on getting home
And what on earth could ever matter more?
More and more of ME to give…

Music...it speaks to me...and right nowIt's LOUD and CLEAR.
Lock and Load...I'm on the right side of the battle.  And my purpose has nothing to do with a temporal existence.  I'm fighting, if you will, for Eternity, and They are so worth it. {hearts in my eyes}

 For anyone who wants to hear the song the link is below.