Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Babies


We moved recently (I still want to blog about that) but let’s be honest. Squeezing out the time for the few blogs I’ve done so far is flipping amazing for me. We’ll get back to the house eventually…

So… back to the sigh. I was going through a box in storage and stumbled upon this…

Those were my babies 6 years ago. I have paid attention. I have attempted to hold every moment close. Yet here we remain, they're growing up.

This is recent...I love to take pictures of how we "really" are opposed to pretty frilly, strangely stiff, matching outfit pictures where we look proper. Anyone who knows us would simply not understand.

The above picture is at one of Busy's doctor appointments. We were bored... What do you want from me? It was either this or they would all be blowing up purple latex gloves like balloons. On a side note I sent this picture to my husband that day and he said. "Okay Baby, just make sure you ask for small bills!"
I love my little bandits. Okay back to the picture. Do you notice one missing? Yah, that would be Bailey, she's in college now. Sniff...

She even looks smarter now doesn't she? I miss her. She calls regularly, although it's declined a bit since she now has a boyfriend, a great job, and school and stuff...and stuff...and...this part of being a mom bites. But I'm happy for her. Incidentally, she really does have two colored eyes.

Moi is in High School... but she promised me she would stay 14...she really did. And I would swear she really was 14 for like 3 years. Does a person's word mean nothing these days?

Hanna...oh my little crazy thing. I can actually hear her bellowing laughter in the next room over right now. She gets that from me. Not much about us is subtle. Last year of Middle she made no promises, she's not like that. Lock and load. Move! Move! Move! Now, that's Hanna...

Then there's Busy...the name says it all. But you know what's funny? I think she will be the one that stays close. Her emotions run high, but her head's on straight. She's in the middle of Middle School, never a fun place to be...

Ethan, Little E, AKA Bubba. He's the kid who just turned 10 and he comes to my jawline. Mark my words the boy will be taller than me before he's 12. He can lift me up (even with the extra 35 lbs. of padding I've gained) He's soft and sweet and sorely abused by his sisters. It's his last year in Elementary School and I'm overwhelmed with time and it's unfair advantage of perfect consistency...

Who's that? He's the baby. The Prince of Spoiled, the winner of hearts, the kid who says "I love you Mama" every 2 minutes...Lil Lo... He's the exclamation mark at the end of the sentence. The boy who understands too much except perhaps why you can't run around in your underwear all day. He's in full swing and he's hanging on the shirt tails of the ones who are already growing too fast.

Family is exciting; every awful, wonderful, hysterical stage of it. But today I'm just a little melancholy and feeling a tad bit left behind. I heart them so much.


  1. you have a beautiful family! Sometimes I wish life would slow down a bit so we could soak in more of the precious moments. great post! xoxo, ashley

  2. ahhh what a sweet post! Beautiful family, thanks for sharing :)

  3. So I'm slow to probably gathered that! Thank you for seeing the beauty in my family..I think I'm gonna keep em! (for a while anyways! :)


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