Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I need Novocain...

So realizing I’ve literally been avoiding blogging; which is my new “cheaper than therapy” approach to living the life I have, I stewed, pondered and continued to avoid. {snickering at how true that statement is}

Well, I read some of my other favorite blogs today and sure enough, they were spot on. How can so many women be going through so many of the same things I am going through? Why are there not more clubs out there? I will completely sign on to make the matching jewelry for our sad-but-true guild of troubled society members!
{at least I haven’t lost my sense of humor right?}

So with all of the funk I have been in lately I must say I have not stopped functioning. Even though I wanted to…oh how badly I wanted to…I kept my trudge on with my boots knee deep in mud.

How do I trudge? Well for one Busy just came in for the 7,581st time today…”Busy! Lantus time!” That’s her nightly reminder for her long lasting dose of insulin…that’s just the one, not the other 4-6 times of the short acting insulin she takes …but that’s beside the point. The point is, she knows I’m writing and as I sit here, pen to paper, if you will, she plops down behind me on my bed completely ignoring my comment of, “Take your blood sugar in the kitchen.” And, by the way, she just came back in for more supplies and continued conversation of things that happen several times a day. At least she acts like they're new subjects. And with nothing but love for my children in my heart what I am trying to get across is… Basically, THEY NEVER LISTEN… any of them. {Just so we’re clear I SCREAMED that last phrase in my head…and now I’m giggling…again}

Example: Kids get in the picture...they've got to go...

Aww...COME ON!

Perfect..well..for us anyways...

I’m dry…depleted…broken…tired…no, exhausted…left for dead, nothing left to give. Well, that’s the over-dramatic, girly side of me anyways…Holy crap, another kid just came in my room…oh please walk with me. I only have 3 at home tonight, the other two are at Youth Conference…but mark my words, the third child will arrive shortly. I can promise you that…this is my night, every night and every day.

I LOVE that they love to be with me, but I can’t breathe sometimes. I have applied for a 3rd shift job and am caught wondering. How can I pull this off? I would leave for work at 8:30pm every night. That is the exact time my kids are lining up at the two doors to my bedroom thankyouverymuch! Right when they are NOT going to bed, right when they are supposed to be in their rooms for their time…

HAHA! He’s here, that 3rd child I spoke of earlier…I am so not kidding. And here’s an even better side note; he let our two dogs in too! So now, it’s 9pm, I have three kids in my room talking as I scroll ridiculously fast out of anxiety, one is tapping on my shoulder the other two arguing, and one of my Dingoes {no really we have two Dingoes} is laying his head in my lap. Hang on lil man's talking… Logan whispers…”Mama, can I have a doughnut if I take a shower…I love you Mama…Mama…” {taps on shoulder again}

Okay, here’s the point…which I can’t always find. One day, I won’t have anyone letting the dogs in, or fighting behind me, or tapping me on the shoulder, or stealing my food, or knocking on “both” doors {who does that to a room? giggle} or whispering, “Mama” or sitting on the foot of my bed making fun of my hair because it looks like Bellatrix Lestrange, or telling me their secrets, or still giving me a kiss goodbye even though they’re in Middle School and High School {yes, they really do that.}

So at the end of the day I laugh:
1. Because this isn’t the blog I sat down to write and
2. Because I am so blessed I don’t know what I did to deserve all of this love.

Okay, wow…seriously, they’re fighting again…lots of love And, lots of love…this is when the Novocain would come in handy…just sayin’ {wink}

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