Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sit down for a cup...

So, it’s 12:56am over here and I just happened upon 
post that I just loved to pieces.

With that said, I’m linking up with the Canadian down under for a cuppa…

Here’s what I’ve been up to.

If we could sit down and actually chat without interruptions of kids, dogs and sweet husbands vying for attention I would tell you this… I’ve been working and still loving it.  When I come home I’m a lil sad because I just don’t have the energy that I need to keep going.  I would tell you it’s because I’m not eating right but Busy {my lil baker} probably just made another batch of Lacee’s “monster cookies” and I’m munching on those.
{I know, I love irony}

I would tell you that I miss my babies when I’m working but that I feel like climbing back under the covers when I get home.  Then, my sweetiemous Po took two days off
{to match my days off} 
so we could be together.
No covers for my head just yet. {wink}

I would let you know how much I’ve missed you and the blogging world; how much I’ve grown attached to my friends {that’s you} and how precious our communication has become to me.  I would tell you how I long to be able to chit chat and giggle back and forth through emails and comments…but I’m sure the kidletts would be back to sit on my bed and tell me {all at once} random, yet incredibly important events, desires and hopes of their days.
{I’m lucky, they still like me and want to spend time with me.}

I would tell you that I dropped in on my daddy today.  He looks much better and seems to be feeling more like himself each day.  I’m so excited for going over to my parent’s house New Year’s Eve {today} to have our annual “game night” and lots of food that probably won’t be healthy. {grin}

I would finish my cuppa and let you know something else that I really don’t need to say out loud. 
However, me being me will tell you anyway. 
The dogs finally succeeded in vaulting me off the porch.  From the top of 4 steps to the gravel on our driveway  
{no feet were involved in the landing}
I met the ground stomach, thighs and elbows first then continued being drug.  
 Yes, there is a body print in my driveway.   
Yes, I am making dingo jerky.  {wink}

I ache, I hurt…my pride is withered…the neighbors probably heard me cuss.

I figured I’d end 2011 with a symbolic “leap” of the type of year it’s been.  {wink}

But in the end…
We made it and we did it together.
I’m on the rise and on the hunt for veggies.  The energy will return and so will I to share another cup o’ cheer and a plate of hope for 2012!

I loves you to pieces for sticking with me!
Happy New Year and here’s to continuing to trudge!



Monday, December 26, 2011

The Logan Show...

So, here’s the dealio…
{First off, I don’t say dealio…it just seemed fitting.  But it's not...I'm keeping it anyway.}
There is so much going on and was so much going on {emotionally perhaps}  that I don’t feel like delving into the deep sea of “stuff”.  I’ll get back to it at a later date.  When I feel like delving of course. {wink}

I hope you all had a wondermous Christmas.  Mine was so out of sorts but strangely nice.  Let me just say in a strange way the eerie quietness of it all; it allowed me to feel the actual Spirit of the Holiday and the meaning was driven home when I was forced to recall what I am truly thankful for.  That part was nice.

As it stands we probably will be having our Christmas in Spring when Bailey comes home.  Yes, I am thinking about keeping the tree up that long.  Or forever…which ever comes first.  {giggle}

Back to the non-delving. 

I thought I’d just share a piece of Lil Man today.  He’s such a goof ball.   
The other day he was reprimanding Busy and he called her:
“Busy Tate”

Why you ask?

Because his middle name is Tate.

So I asked him what McKenna’s name was and he replied:

McKenna Tate…

Funny thing huh?  What will their names be when they get married?  {wink}

So these pics are of him on Thanksgiving.  We had gone over to my parents house and they were playing in the game room.  Please note the unmade bed from my dear children.
{Those lil punks making me look bad…Huh?  No, I’m not gonna make it, I didn’t sleep in it.  Oh, I might know where they get their bad habits.  snicker}
My Daddy had picked them up the night before since Po and I had to both work later and the grandkidletts got to spend the night with my parents. 

So here’s Lil Man with my Dad’s headset. 
No, he’s not online
No, no one is talking to him
Yes, he believes he is in control…and most likely is…of the entire world. {grin}

I would love to add quotes or explanations, but I have none. And no, I cannot tell you why that boy still won't wear a shirt.  I'm just thankful I finally won out on the wearing of pants.
He simply is what he is.  It’s hard sometimes to have children that are so serious and lacking a developed sense of humor and what not.   Oh how boring it is…no fun at all.  {wink} 
And these are just a few of the pics. 

Now, go back and check out Hanna’s game face.  That cracked me up too.  She has no idea she’s being photographed, or that Lil Man is even in the room. 
Hanna and Po, keeping our world safe.

I miss you to pieces.  I have ideas to post…let’s see if I get it out there  {wink}

Enjoy your week…I’ll be listening to Christmas music until Spring…or forever; which ever comes first. {smirk}



Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I'm a lil cranky...

♪♫♪♫I’m a little crank pot short and stout
Here is my whine and here is my pout
When I get all ticked off hear me shout
Spank my bottom ‘n put me in time out…

Yah, so that was a little improv version of “I’m a little teapot” I sang one day off the top of my head when Lil Man was throwing a fit when he was about 3 or 4.  Why the song came out so naturally when he was throwing a fit is unknown to me.  But we all remembered it and still sing it to this day just for kicks.

Each child is punishable in different ways.  If you were to send Moi to time out when she was a little person she LOVED it.  That was like a vacation to her so her punishment would be go play with your sisters.
 Bailey and Busy on the other hand could not possibly even entertain the idea of being isolated and ignored in some corner of their universe.   
Hanna would plot things worse than what put her in time out so I had to make her “clean” something and Ethan…well, bless his little heart; he punishes himself.  He hates when he does something wrong I usually don’t have to do a thing.  But Lil Man for some strange reason cannot stand it when you sing to him when he’s cranky.

{Yes, being the horrible miscreants that we are, we do it a lot.}

So with that long explanation I must now tell you that the above has nothing to do with my post except perhaps that the lil song up there pertains to me today.  {tee hee hee}

I’m CRANKY today.  It’s my day off.

Yay!  No.  Not actually.

When I get a day off, I do things I didn’t have time for while working but
it’s never enough.   
I also find time to think about all of the things that worry me or stress my brains into absolute pudding or find all the wrong with the world.

Here’s how my day has gone:

I could not sleep in because I had to take Busy to the Endocrinologist at 8:30…which is over half an hour away.
I don’t have gas.
I’m tired.
I love spending time with Busy.
{Strange combination of feelings right?}

We were sitting in her appointment going over everything.  Her Diabetic Honeymoon is O-Vahh.  We did an over haul on her insulin and the numbers {not grades} weren’t where we liked them.
{Not bad, just not where we wanted them}


*We were aware of it
*I as Mom, not the Doctor, was making adjustments to her insulin and her Doc said I did a good job
*Busy knows how to take care of herself and does pretty darn fantastic
*I love sitting in the chair watching my baby girl grow before my eyes
{She’s honest, she doesn’t budge when suggestions are made and she likes old school She’s comfortable with her, but she always listens and decides accordingly}
*I’m so thankful that Busy is responsible and wants to take care of herself
*I’m so thankful there is Busy

See, turned my frown upside down...then...
Mr. B hadn’t taken care of the kid’s new ID cards that were supposed to have been changed over June 2011.  {I just found this out today}  I went home trying not to cry because we really can’t afford this appointment outright.
{Nope, child support is still not coming}

After I dropped off Busy I went to the DMV to get some paperwork {way over due} for a friend that is taking my truck.  I was sad.  My truck {Chevy Suburban seats 9}  raised my babies.  It took us everywhere, kept us safe.  It harbored us for a cross country trip back home when we had to “escape”.


The person I’m giving it to is fixing it up for his kids and grandkids.  It will again take care of people and lil seedlings.  That made me smile.  Zeus, my truck,
{yes we name everything in this family}
will have plates that have a purple heart on them.  That made me smile too.

Yay, another stinky situation sprayed with the perfume of gratitude...
{catchy right? smirk}

My Daddy’s surgery is on Thursday.  I’ve kind of tucked that one deep, down; buried in the hollow nooks of emotion.
I’m not worried, I’m confident.
I’m not stressed, I’m happy one of two surgeries will be over.
I’m not fretting, he will be better for it.

I’m terrified…but I’m so thankful I still have my daddy.  There are so many prayers going into Thursday I imagine we have slowed air mail to Heaven.  {wink}

So, with a deep breath and a sigh of release at the end of the day
I can still count more blessings than trials…thankfully.

"Who was this Man of sorrows, acquainted with grief? Who is the King of glory, this Lord of hosts? He is our Master. He is our Savior. He is the Son of God. He is the Author of our Salvation. He beckons, “Follow me.” He instructs, “Go, and do thou likewise.” He pleads, “Keep my commandments.” Let us follow Him. Let us emulate His example. Let us obey His word. By so doing, we give to Him the divine gift of gratitude."
-Thomas S. Monson

Psalms 92:1  It is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord, and to sing praises unto thy name, O most high:

Happy Holidays  
I hope you’re all enjoying this Season of Giving and of Gratitude.
Deep breaths people…deep breaths… {grin}
And keep counting those blessings!



Sunday, December 18, 2011

Another birthday...

It’s your birthday shout HOORAY!
We want to sing to you today
One year older and wiser too

So, today is my oldest baby girl’s birthday!  Today, Bailey turns 19!
{I know, I definitely did not approve this}

I’m trying not to be sad because right now she’s probably out with her boyfriend eating our traditional steak dinner and going to the movies.  That’s always been our Mama-daughter tradition for our shared birthday date. 
This year, not so much.
It’s that awful thing called college.  I really don’t see why people think having your child move away to far off lands {Utah} and educate themselves is really a great idea.  I mean come on this idea must have sprung from a person who never had children…sheesh..

Huh?  Oh yah, back to the birthday…

So, I usually don’t post on Sundays but this was a must.  I just had to take a quick minute to say how thankful I am to have this child in my life.  She’s the responsible one, the I’ll fix it kid, the Lil Mama.

She’s the right hand to the throne and the guard of the minions.
{my minions… wink}

She’s ridiculously smart and her smile can light up a room.  She calls me almost every day just to tell me she misses me.  We dance together, sing {poorly} together and do each other’s hair.  We used to share clothes
{until I decided sugar was a food group}
and she kept me young.

Now she’s grown up, on her own, doing well and moving right along.

{which totally stinks}

Who keeps saying that stuff?  Major downer {smirk}

With so much motherly pride I ache for that original “baby girl”.  She wanted to come home this coming July.  Now plans have changed.  I guess it’s time for me to grow up again.  It’s a funny thing being a Mom.  You have to miss them and be happy for them at the same time.
It’s the first time my multi-tasking abilities have failed me.

I promise, I want to be witty and silly and happy and birthday wishing but in all honesty…I’m lonely and ache because we’ve not spent our birthday’s apart until now.  I always tease my kidletts I should have 6 birthday’s a year.  But how can that be funny when she’s not here to giggle with?

Tis okay, I’ll grow up soon I imagine.  But after this, I have learned.  No one else leaves the house.

The end.

To my beautiful girl:

My font is red
My heart is blue
My life is so blessed
To have a daughter like you


I love, love, love you
Baizee A!

Happy to you !
{Yes, I left the birthday out on purpose…it’s just one of our things.}



Friday, December 16, 2011

It's My Birthday...

Do you know what today is?

Today is my BIRFDAY!

Sooo….in order to celebrate this tremendous
{really non-monumental celebration of years I’ve survived}
occasion…guess what I’m doing?  Huh?  Oh sorry, nope not a giveaway.  I listen to my own off-beat drummer remember?  I never seem to swim with the current.


I am going to celebrate the real hero on this day, My Mama.  

I mean let’s be honest I didn’t do a whole heck of a lot today 37 years ago at 11:05pm…’cept try with all my big headed might to kill her.  She did all of the work and has pretty much continued since that day of birth. {wink}

So without further babbling, here are a few tidbits about the woman that brought me into this world. 

There are so many stories about our shenanigans it’s really not something I can even scratch the surface.  I mean we’re talking tears streaming down my face hand over my heart hysterical stories.

I have never had a better time than I have with her. 

She has been my best friend, my calm in the storm, the girlfriend I choose to hang out with and the tack in my chair when I needed a push.

When I was younger and I had to give a talk in church she would always offer to type them for me.  {back in the days of typewriters…yes!}  So one Sunday I got up to give my talk and about midway through my nervous little self who was just reading with my eyeballs glued to my paper read … “and my mom is my best friend.”  Wait what?  I didn’t put that in there…Haha! 

Mental Note:  Never let Mama type your talks again.

Since then I have put that phrase in several of my girl’s talks.  Last Christmas I made a pendant for Bailey that said: “My Mom is My Best Friend.”

I just love family traditions!

I was raised with these two motherly phrases of wisdom:

“Life is Hard.”


“Save your money.”

Both of which are true.

She has always taught me to look on the Brightside and find the good in others.  She would still rock me if I asked and can still put me to sleep running her fingers through my hair. 

She’s the only person who can call me “Annie” without me knocking them out and the only person’s giggle at my folly that just makes it funnier.

She’s late night soda while watching a thunderstorm, a loud laugh in church, a call when I thought I wanted to be alone and the laughter that makes my day. 

There were times growing up when I thought she didn’t know what she was doing.  Now as an adult I’m thankful to see her wisdom.  She has been my testimony of the gospel and the drive to keep going.  In watching her dedication I was able to develop my own.

She was the cool mom, the funny mom, the crazy mom and now ‘Mama Jode’ to my kids who adore her.  She has her own dictionary of words she mixes up and my daddy is pretty much the only one to decipher them. 

Mama Funnies:

Me:  “Hey Mama, how old were you when you had your hysterectomy?”
Mama:  “Um, 28.”
Me:  {cricket…cricket}   “Mama?  Weren’t you 30 when you had me?”
Mama:  {Hysterical laughter}  “Oh it’s a miracle!”

Mama:  “Oh, he’s such a carbohydrate…”
Me:  “Huh?”
Mama:  “You know, one of those guys who thinks he’s always sick or something’s always wrong with him?”
Me:  “A hypochondriac?” 
Mama:  “Oh, yah that.”

My full name {grown up name} is Andrea Noel
Whenever we sing the song “The First Noel”  my Mama leans into my ear and sings…Andrea Noel… Andrea Noel... to the tune of the music.  We’re singing it in the Choir for Christmas Sunday…let’s see if I can get through the song without snot rockets. {Pray for me}

She likes to tell people that my real name is “Andreka” after a witch that was supposed to have cast a spell on her.  {It was a woman that worked for her that she had to fire…long story short she calls me Andreka…often…snicker}  But I’m alright with that because I call her “Jodie Commodie”.  {Yes, like the toilet}

While sitting at the dinner table my mom announced to the missionaries that I used to be a sumo wrestler.  Haha!  She meant power lifter.  {Same same right?} 

There are so many memories of laughing so hard we were crying.  It’s funny how I can’t remember what was so funny; just the time we had together. 

We love scary movies {like the scary monster type not the real life psycho killer type} and we would always watch them together.  For Mother’s Day when I was super pregnant with Busy she took me to see the late night showing of “The Mummy”

We make up dumb songs about things and then continue to sing them for years  “The moon got stolen away..hayy…”  like that…

When we worked late together we would always promise the other we’d call them to let them know we made it home safely.  Then we would call in the morning and laugh because we forgot{again}

When we laugh hard we both throw our head back and place our hand on our chest like we can’t breathe.

When I was a teenager I really did choose to run errands with my parents instead of hang out with my friends on weekends.

She taught me how to trudge through the hard times but always tells me I’m stronger than her.  When my tears finally fall she always makes me laugh.  {Sarcasm is truly our best nature} 

She gave me my work ethic, taught me never give up and that you get out what you put in.

She taught me to laugh because you don’t know any better because the alternative sucks.

She’s the good kind of crazy and the strongest woman I know.

My Mama really is my best friend.

Happy Birthday to me…thanks Mama, we done good!  {wink}



Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Love Note...

I wrote a post.  It wasn’t this one.  I decided this one was more important…to me.


This one is about Po.  I like him.  A lot.  He’s not much of a user of words.  He doesn’t express his thoughts unless it’s about work or the Marine Corps.  It’s funny, when he does land on a subject he’s passionate about he gets kind of loud.  That in itself is funny because he has this deep, quiet voice normally.

He loves me, don’t get me wrong he says it all the time.  But he’s not the sweet sonnet, leaver of notes kind of guy.
{Although I do have a few wonderfully cherished couple of lil notes of love from him tucked away safely.}

He's more of a "responder".  He won't usually initiate phrases of why he loves me.
When I tell him he’s beautiful, he says he’s with beautiful.
When I tell him thank you for loving me, he says it’s easy.
{Obviously he has been known to bend the truth sometimes. Wink}
When I tell him to “talk to me” he smiles nervously and gives me a kiss on the forehead.

That’s the kind of communication we have.  It’s not so much verbal it’s those looks and those thoughtful deeds.  I’m okay with that.  I like that I know him.

His expression of love usually comes in songs.  He will come home and tell me he heard a song on the radio he liked.  He will make sure to remember enough of it so I can search for it on the internet.  I find it then play it and often it’s a little sappy.  He makes sure to tell me what parts he liked best.  And then he stares at me while I’m listening to it.  He reminds me of a child watching someone open a gift; that anticipation of their reaction.  Will they like it or not?  Will they understand why it was given to them?

It’s not about the song I’ve found.  It’s about the words.  Those words he can’t always say.  Those quiet thoughts that he finds ways to translate to me.

But I wanted to share with you one more thought.  It blows my mind.  I laughed hysterically then I jumped on him and hugged him. 
It is, after all, so very Po.

He was playing his game on Xbox Live, Gears of War 3.  Now, we don’t like video games that have ‘nasty’ stuff in them but I have to tell you.  With all of my might, goodness help me, I love war.  In this game of protecting us from aliens Po took a moment to message me.

I had run into the kitchen to finish up dinner and it was Busy I could hear giggling.  “Hey Mama, did you see Dad’s tv?”
{We don't have the kids in there when he's saving the world, stop gasping.  giggle}
He had motioned for Busy to come in there and admire his handy work.
I shook my head and grinned as I walked into the bedroom.  Truth be told I was expecting some wonderful high score.  Then I would proceed to tell him, with pride in my voice, how thankful I was that he was defending man kind.

This is what I saw.

{He has always called me Baby; even before we were dating.
I’m not really sure if he even knows my real name.  smirk}

I cannot express to you how much I love this man.  He is the most fiercely loving man.  I am so blessed to have him taking time out of saving the world to leave me a love note.

Happy Thursday!

{Yes, this is the new background on my phone!}



Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My lil light...

I never really thought about writer’s block being associated with a blog.

I do now.

I don’t know what it is, I’m just left with blahh..well it might be closer to blechh or pshhh…  {I’m still attempting to find the exact sound effect.}

But here I sit {again} trying to think of what to write.  Well, alright I did write a post for the end of the week but nothing for now.  I went back into my lil ole archives and man am I all over the board!  Whew, talk about no track there.

It’s just a strange transition I’m in.  Mama always called everything a “stage” growing up.  If I was PMSing then I was going through a “stage”.  If I was into collecting frogs I was in a “stage”.  We still say “stage” and just crack ourselves up.  But really, is this writer’s block a “stage”?  Or is this new transition the “stage”?  Hmm…

So, I’m just going to fill you in on what’s floating around my brain.  Mostly nothing, I’ll be honest.  But if you’re looking for random, I’m your girl!

The other day at work it was super slammed.  I’m talking customers solid, the entire day.  I love it.  My day flew and when we’re busy it’s easier for me to focus because I don’t have time to look up and get distracted.  Although at one point I did look up.  I saw the big guy, head hancho, store manager facing up a display in front of my register.  Then I looked back and he was gone.  He was on the register in front of mine.  I have to say, that was awesome.  I really respect someone who is a higher up who will roll up their sleeves and work side by side that was cool.  {I’m certain he reads my blog and will smile the next time I see him…Haha!}

Oh and you know what else was cool at work?  I was having this great conversation with this older gentlemen as I was checking him out.  {I love to say that.  It just sounds so funny… Puts on New York accent:  How you doin’?  Haha…checkin’ em out…Okay, I’m done.}

Anyway, we were talking I was making him smile…his eyes twinkled, I’m certain.   And then I put his eggs in a bag and told him I needed to give him the eggs because I’m extremely clumsy.

Then I proceeded to break his eggs.

There is no “wink”  I really did just that.

His eyes still twinkled and he promised to come back in my line the next time he was at the store!  {glutton for punishment}

Then when it was lunchtime Daddy called, it was like he just knew.  So he came up and we got to chat for a bit just hanging out in the parking lot your typical father daughter date.  {Hey, I’ll take the time I can get.}  It was nice.

While I’m torn with not being home when everyone else is and not being able to blog or email or write whenever I want to; it’s been nice to work.  I get a lot of comments because I’m nice.  What is that?  I think it’s  a little bit sad that they are so surprised.  It’s really not hard to smile.  Even if I’m having a bad day I don’t really think they deserve to have one.  And when I smile they {usually} do to.  And when they don’t I feel compelled to laugh…but I don’t…until they leave.  Cranky is funny to me.  The other day a crotchety guy came through my line.  {Notice how I didn’t say gentleman…nope just crotchety guy}  and he was very rude.  I was helping a woman and he just didn’t want to wait for me to help her.

“Hey,” he interrupted in his crotchety manner, “should I just go in another line then - since she’s taking so long?”
I looked around me, every register was full; at least 4 people in each line.
I smiled sincerely and spoke with my most thoughtful voice, “Um, you might want to.  If you are truly in that much of a hurry I would sure hate to hold you up sir.”
{aka crotchety grinch guy…see how his name is growing? wink}

So he did.

I helped the woman in front of me.  I helped the second woman, and third and the fourth who pointed out he was still in line.  We giggled and both whispered… “Karma” at the same time.
{evil smirk}

Being at work allows me to think of the things I’m grateful for.  It allows me to grow in patience and kindness, in missing my family and grow in appreciation.  I know what it’s like to not have a job when you need one.  Work is work and I’m glad I have it.  But I’m also glad I get to brighten a few days.  Our area has a large retired population.  I’m certain quite a few of the faces I interact with don’t get a whole lot of that.  It makes my heart swell to see them smile.

In the season of giving, the season of remembering, the season of Thy Son; it doesn’t take much to let 
your lil light shine.  I’m glad I have my light on.
Be sure to keep yours on too.