Friday, January 29, 2010

Excuse me would anyone know which way is up?

Have you ever had one of those dreams where you run and run (for various reasons I'm sure) and then as you wake up, you are absolutely exhausted? Okay, now see that has happened to me; except strangely enough, I never went to sleep. I have dreams and goals and yet each day ends with that tired thought, "I cannot do this another day". And yet I do. I have jumped into the Etsy world without a clue as to what I'm doing. They are overflowing with words of wisdom and amazing advice from successful and inspiring artists, yet I leave feeling overwhelmed. Walk with me...I imagine you have been down this same path...

It might be in an email or article, forum or interview; but it's all the same really. Make sure your pictures are good, your shop is only as good as it's photos. (true) Re-list, re-list, re-list. The more exposure you get the more people will visit your shop and ultimately buy. (true) Customer service is key! Give each customer that special attention, package with personality, allow them to feel they are receiving a gift each time they open something from your shop. This will encourage them to come back or pass your name along. (true) Blog! Twitter! Facebook fanpage...It's a must, must, must! People swear by it, others don't feel it's as helpful. Business cards; give them to your friends, customers, family, neighbors...don't forget to give one to the woman at the post office....Fidgit people I am one woman! One woman with a worn mind and a single surviving frayed nerve....I have seven kids. One is back in Maryland with her fiancée but she was replaced by my first born's boyfriend. I have sick kids, and doctor appointments, homework and housework. Church is calling, bills are badgering, husband feels we got married for a reason and therefore should spend time together...As I write pen upon paper if you will, it may resemble a pity party; however, if you knew me, and hopefully soon you will, you would recognize the signs of a mad-woman addicted to challenge. I love the cruel irony that evokes my waking each morning. (I do, that part is actually not sarcasm.) It give me reason to solve problems creatively, allowance to try new things, and at the very least, something to write about.

I have attempted mainstream for several years and oddly enough, it didn't fit. Maybe I didn't fit. But either way, my path was not forged and in desperate need of trenching. Sure it's a lot of information we receive from Etsy and Etsians alike. Of course when you work for yourself you will put more heart, soul, time and effort into it. But isn't that what makes it yours? We all attempt if for so many reasons. (Mine is to be home when my children are) But isn't this exactly what they are trying to tell us? Move! Move! Move! It's go time ladies (or men). ;) They believe we can do it, so therefore; so do I. (I hope...snicker)

I am constantly finding more talented people than myself, and more successful and devoted creators. But I'm okay with that. I absorb their sometimes unintended inspiration and repeat the phrase, "I can do this." Can I do this? I have absolutely not a clue! But I will not fail due to lack of trying. I will take the bits and bites of information, advice, wise words and comforting thoughts they allow us and swing to the best of my abilities across the river of hope. The grass might not always be greener on that bank, but I will have been the momentum that propelled me there. Sometimes, that's what matters most.

At the end of the day I have chosen a new phrase. No longer will I badger my spent soul with "I cannot do this another day." From now on it's positive thinking, it's upward and onward, soaring to new heights. What's the new phrase you ask? With a subtle smirk I look to the mirror and whisper..."Bring it."